LCD iPhone delayed by two months due to light leakage issues
Blame it on Apple’s need to compromise on price and its unwillingness to compromise on that notch design. Or blame it on something else.
Apple wants to reduce reliance on Samsung supply, could even develop its own iPhone OLED screens
iPhone OLED screen production should be a Samsung-only thing this year, but down the line, Apple obviously wants to radically change that.
New reports call for no iPhone 8 mass production until November, 7s duo enters ‘full swing’ in August
You may need to be extremely nice and lucky this year to get an iPhone 8 from Santa, and the 7s and 7s Plus could also be in short supply at launch.
All three versions of Apple’s 2018 iPhone could sport OLED screens, according to insiders
Apple is reportedly taking OLED screen technology way more seriously than you thought, planning to abandon LCDs altogether in 2018 iPhones.
Crazy new rumor calls for iPhone 8 with included AirPods, reasonable top and bottom bezels
Would Apple ever throw in a costly pair of wireless AirPods for iPhone 8 buyers? Highly unlikely. But perhaps it’s not so crazy to expect a bit of bezel.
KGI’s Kuo joins insiders believing ‘significant hardware upgrades’ will lead to iPhone 8 shortage
You can still probably expect Apple’s OLED iPhone 8 to break cover alongside LCD 7s and 7s Plus models in September, but a wide-scale rollout may take time.
Bloomberg confirms many OLED iPhone rumors, leaves plenty of questions unanswered
There’s probably going to be only one OLED iPhone model unveiled this fall, alongside two LCD variants. But there’s still a lot we can’t know for sure.
Apple rumored to be experiencing iPhone 8 production issues possibly leading to delays
Could the game-changing iPhone 8, aka X, aka Edition or Pro, launch in October or even November? Will Apple suffer if it does?
Trusted source details iPhone 8 OLED execution, with ‘gentler’ curves than the Galaxy S7 Edge
It’s no longer a big secret that Samsung will single-handedly supply OLED screens for Apple’s premium iPhone 8, with subtle curves likely in tow.
Latest round of iPhone 8 speculation details ‘3D-sensing’ front camera, RAM and ROM options
In addition to no screen bezels or home button, the redesigned face of the groundbreaking iPhone 8 should bring a 3D-capable selfie cam to the table.
Speculation heats up as to wireless charging support on iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus
While it’s unclear if we’re talking inductive or long-distance wireless charging capabilities, this year’s iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus should all move forward.
Raft of KGI notes signal that Apple is focused on replacing Touch ID, 3D Touch, but not Sharp
According to one longtime analyst, Apple is also looking into facial recognition, a new 3D Touch experience and more displays from Sharp.
‘More than 10’ iPhone 8 prototypes are reportedly in consideration, including curved OLED model
Before putting your trust in early iPhone 8 speculation, you may want to keep in mind there are over 10 different prototypes in tests right now.
Samsung and LG battle for the OLED iPhone crown in 2018
Billions and billions of dollars have been invested into AMOLED foundries this year by the two Korean companies as they chase after Apple’s business.
OPPO shipments could hit an AMOLED ceiling, thanks to Samsung
Does OPPO go ahead with a major phone launch if it doesn’t have an AMOLED screen. Should it source from a company other Samsung? Big questions lie ahead.
Nikkei: iPhone product cycle to be extended to three years
There’s the upgrade year and then the “S” year. Apple’s been on a roll with this two-year development cycle for the iPhone. Could it slow that roll?
Fortunes of machinery maker tied to OLED iPhone in 2017
Applied Materials makes many machines, including ones that help other manufacturers make OLED displays. Many of those factories will serve Apple next year.
Analyst expects curved OLED iPhone in 2018, with up to four display suppliers
The first ever OLED iPhone could see daylight in 2018 instead of next year, with the new displays supplied by Samsung, LG, JDI and Foxconn.