The LG G6 sucks, but kinda only in this one aspect… | #PNWeekly 248

We discuss that aspect as well as our review process for lacking coverage in that specific aspect and, of course, Burger King. All in this week’s show!

Burger King’s “OK Google” ad gets shot down

The circus surrounding Burger King’s ingenious, if troubling advertisement has settled down, but we don’t know if the fast food chain will pull the plug.

Replacing Emy with “OK Google” on the Huawei Mate 9

You can trigger the on-board Emy or Amazon Alexa assistant, but you can’t call out “OK Google” and expect Google search to pop up unless you hack it.

Version 2.06 of Android Auto listens for OK Google

The app got an update a couple of days ago that let users control their Android Auto-enabled head unit without touching a microphone button.

Hands-free Google Maps voice commands keep your hands on the wheel

No need to stab at your phone, get out of navigation mode and figure where the gas is in this g–d— town. Hey, roll down your window and ask that person. – Interactive way to learn OK Google commands

Need help remembering what Google Now can do on your Android phone? Here’s an interactive way to learn OK Google commands!

Why aren’t we talking to our phones more?

Talking to my phone is probably one of my favorite things to…

Every “OK Google” request you’ve made can be listened to — and deleted

This is the place where you and only you can listen to…
OK Google Answering Machine

“Ok Google” functionality extended to third parties like NPR and Shazam

Learn more about some of the new functionality options that the “Ok Google” command gets, now allowing third party developers to provide options

Reported Nexus 9 bug breaks system-wide “OK Google” support

We’re hearing word of a pretty bad Nexus 9 OK Google bug that’s supposedly breaking the tablet’s ability to take voice commands from anywhere in the OS.

OnePlus One review, Fire Phone hands-on, Microsoft’s future and more | Pocketnow Weekly podcast 105 (Hangout)

On this week’s show: our OnePlus One review spurs a giveaway! Plus, bad news out of Microsoft/weird news from Apple, and hands-on with Amazon’s Fire Phone!
ok google everywhere

How to enable OK Google everywhere on your phone (video)

Being able to search by saying OK Google is cool, but limited to the homescreen. Here’s how to unlock OK Google everywhere.

“Ok Google” hot word expands to more languages

One of the coolest features we find in Google Now is the…

Here’s how “OK Google” everywhere could make your Android completely hands-free

Most of you already know that I began my digital life as…