Here’s how to get free Apple Music for 6 months from Verizon

You can now get six months of free Apple Music if you are a Verizon Unlimited customer and here are the steps to get your offer

Apple and Verizon will give you 6 free months of Apple Music

Great times and great music for free thanks to Apple Music and Verizon and the Verizon Unlimited service for their customers

Broadcom comes back with its ‘best and final’ offer for ginormous Qualcomm acquisition

The largest deal in tech history could still go through, as Broadcom is now ready to pay $82 per Qualcomm share, up from $70 in its previous offer.

Qualcomm categorically rejects Broadcom’s ‘unsolicited’ takeover offer

It didn’t take long for Qualcomm’s Board of Directors to decide the company can do better than the $130 billion offered by rival Broadcom for a takeover.

Broadcom makes formal $130 billion offer for acquisition of arch-rival Qualcomm

They say Qualcomm’s management is opposed to any Broadcom deal right now, but $130 billion sounds like an offer the semiconductor giant can’t refuse.