Dead Zebra brings us into spring with special Android minifigs

And there’s no more appropriate way to bring in Easter than with a favorite treat of many: Peeps! Or Androids! Why not both!?

Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Dog Android Minifig available from Dead Zebra

We are nearly to Chinese New Year 2018 and as it is the year of the dog, Dead Zebra has created a dog-styled Android minifigure.

Off-beat: Tim Cook’s iPhone X just won’t stay in his pants

The CEO of Apple gave a talk to Oxford students about business strategies and goals. People couldn’t help but notice the iPhone X stuck out of his pocket.

Off-beat: Taobao vendors sell face masks with iPhone X Face ID in mind

They’re a dime a dozen to make and can be used for almost anything you want. But in China, they’re sold for $20 a pop to prevent Face ID fails.

Off-beat: Caviar Nokia 3310, the Putin-Trump Summit edition

In celebration of the meeting between the US and Russian presidents at the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, a company decided to plate a Nokia 3310 in gold.

Off-beat: Alexa Seary doesn’t really have a hard life

But she does turn her head when people start asking Siri questions on their iPhones or tapping Alexa on their Echo speakers…

Off-beat: Redmi Pro and Nokia 6 crack nuts because that’s a good idea for Weibo

Two Chinese dudes took two mid-range phones, nitpicked on each’s performance with video games and then smashed walnuts to pieces with each of them.

Off-beat: Southwest Airlines employee dresses as Galaxy Note 7 for Halloween

Talk about a literal hot mess. Except this one’s totally satirical and takes aim at the global smartphone brand behind the Note 7.

Pixel SIM tray has Google’s address imprinted on it

It’s the Friday after the Google Pixel has gone on sale, so here’s something you can enjoy on your coffee break: an Easter egg address.

Off-beat: Apple Store uniforms make iPhone theft a cakewalk

The uniform is a blue tee with an Apple logo on the top right. If you have that, you can “be” an Apple Store employee and walk away with all the iPhones!

Off-beat: could Utah’s crusade against porn be another Apple v. FBI in the making?

One bill would force phone makers to put porn filters on their products. Would they be willing to go to the effort of blocking content for their users?

Off-beat: “This is the police, stop asking us for drugs”

Police in Alliance, Ohio, are asking customers of Steve Notman to stop texting the phone they are looking at, asking for more drugs.

Off-beat: a J-Pop group pokes around iOS in a vertical music video

J-Pop group lyrical school decided to go against the grain and debut their new song “RUN and RUN” with a vertical music video based on iOS.

Off-beat: the first phone call in the world happened 140 years ago this week

There’s some contention when you mention Alexander Graham Bell’s name around historian, but it is supposed he made the first phone call, ever.

Off-beat: You may get to build Monument Valley with Legos

But that’s if enough people support a project currently making the rounds on the Lego Ideas site. The iOS and Android game gets a fresh, physical take.

Off-beat: the internet is for mobile porn (but what’s new?)

Are we getting a little too comfortable with pornography these days? After…

Off-beat: Erykah Badu immersed in mobile tech for single premiere

The music industry has had mixed opinions about streaming services. Where there’s…

Off-beat: Taiwanese artist turns trashed mobile phones into a car sculpture

When we talk about recycling our smartphones or thinking about the environment…