Android OEM agreements now include regular security patching

Ever since the Stagefright scandal in 2015, Google began offering up regular security patches and manufacturers tagged along very loosely.

Carriers and manufacturers are taking Android security updates seriously

It’s been a two-year campaign to make Android a safer mobile platform. That requires a lot of maintenance and all parts of the provisions machine running.

HTC as ODM, again? Own-brand phones shrink away at T-Mobile, AT&T

HTC has been struggling for years as a manufacturer that wanted a name in the industry. Can it really save itself by hiding behind curtains again?

Gartner: Windows phones sales for OEMs total 750,000 for Q2

That’s the estimate that analytics firm Gartner is making between Microsoft’s self-reported 1.2 million Lumia sales and its own calculations.

Pichai: Nexus stays with OEMs, but Google has more authority

Google sometimes treads its own path into certain product territories. It did so with a tablet recently. Why not into its own Android phones?

ASUS celebrates third year of being Taiwan’s top global brand

Ah, Taiwan. For tiny quasi-country not recognized by the UN, it can…
oem lollipop updates

Lightning-fast OEM Android updates: an OEM success or a Google failure?

Various OEM Lollipop updates started arriving before Google’s own Nexus products got theirs. Is this a failure of the Nexus program, or a huge OEM win?

Windows Phone Needs More OEMs

Windows phone is fast becoming a 1-horse race which does nobody any good. More OEMs need to pick up the torch for Windows Phone to sustain.

Dear OEM’s. I’m Sick Of Compromise

In a world containing a plethora of smart phone option, not one of them goes for the gold. Every phone on the market today has some sort of compromise attached to it.