Oculus faces developer backlash over founder’s politics
Palmer Luckey revealed that he was the vice president of a non-profit that advocated for a Donald Trump presidency. Oculus VR devs are leaving the platform.
Oculus Rift maker drops sick burn on Apple: we’d add support if Apple ever made a “good computer”
According to the founder of Oculus VR, Oculus Rift Mac support could happen – but Apple needs to release a “good computer” first.
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Oculus Rift will get a key accessory a bit later than planned
Instead of a mid-2016 ship date for the Oculus Touch VR controllers, we’re now looking at a later release in the second half of the year.
Oculus Rift consumer edition confirmed to cost more than $350
In order to offer consumers the best possible virtual reality experience available right now, the highly anticipated Oculus Rift will be priced at over $350
Oculus VR reveals the commercial Oculus Rift headset, Oculus Touch controllers
We get a look at the retail edition of the Oculus Rift hardware, as well as the new Touch interface device.
Expect even more VR stuff from Oculus VR and Samsung
Oculus VR says that more’s coming from its work with Samsung, leaving us to wonder if a Samsung Gear VR 2 will soon make a debut.
Samsung’s partnership with Oculus VR brings familiar HW to new Rift dev kit
Is Samsung trying to clear out excess inventory? Check out the unexpected smartphone hardware to show up inside the new Oculus Rift DK2.