HTC ‘Harmony’ tipped to be marketed under U11 EYEs brand, but what might that entail?

Is the upcoming HTC U11 EYEs, aka Harmony or Ocean Harmony, set to bring back the company’s dual camera technology? Perhaps.

Benchmarks may have confirmed 6-inch 2:1 screen and Android 8.0 as key HTC U11 Plus specs

A super-high-res 6-inch screen with a 2:1 aspect ratio and Android 8.0 Oreo will probably headline the list of HTC U11 Plus features.

HTC has something to announce on November 2: U11 Plus or U11 Life?

HTC is not done unveiling own-brand smartphones this year, with a U11 Plus and U11 Life feeling like strong candidates for a November 2 Taipei event.

HTC rumored for another 3 phones this year: Ocean Master, Ocean Lite, Ocean Harmony

Forget about the HTC U11 Life or whatever it’ll be, there may be three more phones scheduled for launch by the end of 2017.

HTC U11 mini? U11 Play? Desire 11? ‘Ocean Life’ mid-ranger with Edge Sense reportedly coming soon

A 5.2-inch derivation of the critically acclaimed HTC U11 could be right around the corner, with Edge Sense functionality and a Full HD screen.

New CAD renders and video show fiery red HTC U11 from all angles

Formerly known as Ocean, the HTC U11 is right around the corner, “squeezable” Edge Sense technology and all, and this is how it looks in snazzy red.

HTC U11 teaser tweet props liquid surface, “designed to be quiet no more”

HTC Canada wants us to know that the company is ready to come out of its bearish phase and roar like a lion with its upcoming flagship.

HTC U11 specs and features leaked (almost) in full, SD835, 6GB RAM and everything

There are very few surprises to note among the near-full specs of the HTC U11, aka Ocean, with everything but the kitchen sink predictably in tow.

Benchmark paints HTC U11 with a Snapdragon 835

If you can call the HTC U11 the “HTC CBP,” you might just think it will take the Snapdragon 835 and run with it. And in fact, that’s the case here.

Squeezable HTC U 11 flagship phone gets cute new video teaser for May 16 launch

While it doesn’t reveal much about the actual HTC U 11 specs, the latest May 16 promo video is casual, fun and insistent about squeezy features.

Names collide with HTC U 11 branding

The “U” part of things brings the device close to the new HTC of this year while the “11” acknowledges the big phones scattered through its history.

Our Galaxy S8 gripes, glory and glare | #PNWeekly 249

Holding the Galaxy S8 presents one of the most quizzical axioms that we’ve had to confront at Pocketnow. We dig into some controversy with our podcast.

‘Brilliant’ HTC U flagship phone with Edge Sense confirmed for May 16 announcement

The non-Ultra HTC U, aka Ocean smartphone, is apparently less than a month away, complete with a “squeezable” Edge Sense frame.

HTC Ocean pictured front and back with characteristic “U” gloss

Evan Blass has put out some real pictures of the flipsides, but no side-sides of the HTC U. And those sides are the most important ones we want to see!

The Ocean roars tonight: HTC U leaks

Its codename is “Ocean” and the ocean of rumors is very much thick and frothing with details, speculation and revelations on how Edge Sense will work.
HTC U Ultra in hand

Pre-release benchmark may confirm Snapdragon 835 inside HTC U, battery size also rumored

The upcoming flagship phone formerly known as Ocean and now expected to be called HTC U almost certainly packs an SD835 SoC and 3000mAh battery.

HTC U, aka Ocean, tipped for early May global release with Edge Sense and SD835

Codenamed Ocean, possibly the most innovative smartphone of 2017 is reportedly breaking cover in April as the HTC U, Snapdragon 835 power and all.

HTC U (Ocean) supposedly includes Edge Sense, may be part of Sense Touch UI

Rumors of HTC’s masthead phone for 2017 adopting a new user interface paradigm have bubbled up to the surface in a software diagnostics leak.

Source says Verizon HTC device in testing has Snapdragon 835

The next true HTC flagship will be a while yet, it seems, and with conditions surrounding the current Qualcomm powerhouse chipset, we’ll have to be patient.

Damned codenames: HTC Ocean Master is not HTC Ocean, apparently

What we have thought to be the “master” version of the HTC Ocean series (at least in codename terms) just doesn’t exist, according to one source.

Showing off the HTC U Ultra, RIP Froyo, and some early MWC 2017 teasers | #PNWeekly 235

Plus, Huawei puts out the fuel for MWC as it’s rumored to dig deep into the past for a new release. That and a prepaid carrier discussion on our podcast!

HTC Ocean and an HTC Vive phone? Evan Blass leaks promo videos

@evleaks is back at it again with a preview of an upcoming device with a promising new UI and a VR-purposed phone? Is it a red herring?

The Ocean Note’s market name? Perhaps the HTC U Ultra

Steve Hemmerstoffer is reporting the market name for what may be HTC’s snazziest concept device yet from an “unverified source.”

HTC Ocean Note purportedly coming soon with great screen and camera, no headphone jack

HTC’s first big 2017 smartphone release could take place as early as January 12, with a high-quality camera-sporting Ocean Note expected out.

HTC has “something big” up its sleeve “for U”, coming January 12

HTC isn’t saying much about its “big” product slated for a post-CES January 12 launch, but our gut (and logic) tells us to expect a second-gen UA HealthBox.