Media pickups are part of AT&T and Verizon plans for tracked ads

In addition to acquiring programming and platforms, there are also customers to have as well. That’s more data and that’s more ads.

LG G7 ThinQ, Xiaomi IPO, Sprint and T-Mobile (again, again) | #PNWeekly 303

This week, we’re talking about a new flagship phone from LG, Xiaomi’s bright future, and the uphill for Sprint and T-Mobile.

Samsung will allow Verizon-owned Oath to load new bloatware on phones around the world

It’s not only Verizon-locked Galaxy S9 and S9+ variants that will be getting a number of apps owned by Big Red subsidiary Oath pre-installed. Soon enough, the bloatware partnership is set to expand around the world.

Verizon to distribute NBA out-of-market games, collaborate with media package

Big Red pockets another big streaming and media deal with a major US sports league after an in-market games deal with the NFL.