Wearied Qualcomm gives up on acquiring NXP

A $44 billion deal is going down the drain because it needs approval from Chinese regulators. The US and China are in a complicated relationship right now.

China may finally approve Qualcomm buyout of NXP

The potential move comes in the context of recent trade tensions between the US and China that could be easing up over a few isolated deals.

Qualcomm 1Q18 earnings beat the street, but there are plenty of aches

Given the stumbling blocks Qualcomm has in front of it, such as Apple, Chinese regulators and grabby investors, the company has done a good job with the bottom line.

Qualcomm inches closer to NXP acquisition with revised $44 billion offer

Qualcomm may well kill two birds with one stone by offering NXP more cash for a long-in-the-making acquisition, also keeping potential buyer Broadcom at bay.

Qualcomm facing activist investor pressure over NXP acquisition price

Broadcom wants Qualcomm, though the latter is looking for more money. And just like that, a major NXP investor wants more money from Qualcomm.

As expected, Broadcom inches to hostile takeover of Qualcomm

It has nominated its choice of board members to manage Qualcomm as the competing chipmaker continues to drive a takeover deal.

Qualcomm takeover of NXP to be approved by Japan, EU

This deal has been running through the approvals process over the past year, but eyes have been especially focused here since Broadcom’s big bid.

With NXP buyout ahead, Qualcomm 4Q16 earnings are a win

Qualcomm is running off an overall down year with a good quarter and is looking forward to consummating with NXP to pad its revenue line.

Qualcomm expects $47 billion NXP acquisition to close by the end of 2017

Intel, meet your match: a combined Qualcomm – NXP Semiconductors company worth at least $133 billion, looking at $30B annual revenues.

Forget Twitter, this fall’s biggest tech acquisition could see Qualcomm snap up NXP

You can never be too big to stop expanding, with semiconductor colossus Qualcomm reportedly showing interest in fellow industry veteran NXP.