Anyone can finally morph multiple phone numbers into a single T-Mobile DIGITS line

Kind of like AT&T’s NumberSync feature, T-Mobile DIGITS lets you combine phone numbers on one device of choice completely free of charge.

T-Mobile DIGITS ups the ante on virtual number assignment

You can a number onto five devices and put five numbers onto one device. And you don’t even have to be on T-Mobile to even do so!

AT&T Gear S3 frontier pre-orders start November 4

The more rugged of the two Gear S3 smartwatches released this year will be in its LTE flavor at the Death Star for $49.99 on a two-year contract.

AT&T to sell Samsung Gear S3 frontier with LTE [UPDATE]

AT&T just wanted to experience the feeling of commenting “FIRST” on availability for Samsung’s first LTE-enabled smartwatch.

2 gadgets, 1 number: hands-on with AT&T NumberSync

We spent a week with AT&T NumberSync, a simpler version of Google Voice that lets you use the same phone number for your phone, watch, and tablet.

Samsung Gear S2 now starts at $100 on AT&T with NumberSync turned on

The Samsung Gear S2 just got better and cheaper through AT&T, with NumberSync support enabled, and slashed to $100 on-contract.

Apple’s latest iOS beta delivers AT&T NumberSync support

Learn how the arrival of AT&T iPhone NumberSync support in Apple’s latest iOS beta release lets you use your cell number across devices.

AT&T NumberSync delivers cross-device messaging through your existing phone number

Meet AT&T NumberSync, the new service that lets you read and reply to your smartphone’s messages from tablets and wearables.