The Nubia Z11 is at CES — well, at least the front part of it

ZTE subsidiary Nubia announced at CES 2016 that it is getting into the global market soon. We also got a hardware tidbit from the show floor.

ZTE’s Nubia brand to sell direct to consumers

ZTE’s biggest Nubia subsidiary just received some major funding and it’s now making baby steps to direct sales on the global market. Square one: a website.

ZTE Nubia Z11 groomed for simultaneous launch in the US and China

The extremely intriguing ZTE Nubia Z11 that recently showed its curves in leaked renders will almost definitely hit the US and China at the same time.

ZTE Nubia Z11 Samsung-esque design and rumored to have a Snapdragon 820

It seems only a short time ago that we were talking about…

ZTE plans Axon, Blade, Spro and Nubia announcements for IFA 2015

ZTE’s IFA 2015 plans have been revealed almost in full, with European announcements prepped for a quartet of product lineups.

ZTE Nubia Z9 announced, bezel-less display, touch-enabled frame, flagship specs

The ZTE Nubia Z9 announced today not only has a bezel-less design and flagship specs, but it also has a touch-enabled frame. Check out the details!

Additional ZTE Nubia Z9 details, including price, tipped by Chinese retailer

New information regarding the ZTE Nubia Z9 price (and more) has become tentatively available thanks to a leak from a Chinese retailer’s website.

ZTE Nubia Z9 certification docs claim unreal specs like 8GB of RAM

Learn more about the certification documents of the ZTE Nubia Z9 in TENAA, which claim some unreal specifications by today’s smartphone standards.

ZTE readies us for Nubia Z9 launch

We’re just about three weeks away from the ZTE Nubia Z9 launch.

ZTE Nubia Z9 may have just been caught on camera

Take a look at the leaked pics that might just reveal the ZTE Nubia Z9, rumored to launch later this year.