Don’t be afraid of PHADE, surveillance cameras that send your phone messages

If you’re visiting a marketplace or a museum and have their apps, their cameras may be able to send you messages by tracking how you move.

Instagram creepers find solace as story posters won’t be notified of screenshots

There was a testing period of a new notification for those who have just had their Instagram story screenshotted. The test has ended.

Apple Watch loses Instagram app with watchOS SDK threshold

App developers will need to drop off the watchOS 1 SDK and move onto at least watchOS 2. Instagram, for some reason, will not do that, thus the end of the applet.

Apple fixes one of the iOS 11 notification bugs… only in an ad

It’s an annoying vanity bug that made its way into a triple-A, big-money ad for the iPhone X’s Face ID feature. And it gets edited like this.

Apple is fixing Siri bug allowing hidden notifications to be read

It’s an easy breach of privacy and all someone needs to do to get at it is to take your iPhone and ask Siri to read out your notifications.

Verizon promoting Galaxy S9 on iPhones

The carrier’s My Verizon app is pushing out a notification trying to convince customers on iPhones (even the iPhone X) to buy a Galaxy S9 through the app.

Apple News repeatedly pushes CNN and Fox News notifications

“Fake news” can get really, really repetitive in this endless news cycle we’re all seemingly in. But Apple’s News app for iOS is really taking it to new levels.

Cortana on Windows 10 finally connects to Gmail

Gmail is a dominant email service provider and it’s about time that a prominent desktop OS recognize it. It will, through its digital assistant.

iPhone 8 won’t ring for notifications if you’re using it

Developers have brought up code that may allow the iPhone 8 to not disturb you while you’re gaming or watching a movie on that phone.

OnePlus 5 users go ballistic over unwanted push notification, company carries on

The latest in a seemingly endless string of OnePlus 5 scandals involves an unwelcomed push invite for existing owners to a survey and OP5 giveaway.

Meizu PRO 7 rear screen leaked in series of draw-ups

If it’s got wacky hardware features, it’s gotta be a Chinese flagship smartphone, right? Meizu is rumored to be cutting the edge and painting the rear.

Android O beta spreads through the full beta program today

Two major categories of improvements have been introduced: Fluid Experiences and Vitals. And you get to try them out through the Android Beta Program.

More Android O features in active chatter

A list of bullet points and plenty of speculation as to where the next version of Android will go. But will all of these features land in May?

Smartphone addiction part 1: Methods to reduce electronic addiction

*** Disclaimer *** This editorial discusses some of the technological aspects of internet/smartphone…

Android OEMs to deploy notifications to version 7.1 spec

The Android Compatibility Definition Document requires OEMs to not tamper with notification delivery the way version 7.1 intends for them to go.

Galaxy S8 could also get Galaxy J2’s Smart Glow

Instead of one notification LED, Samsung could have a ring of them around the camera. It can help you take weird selfies and tell you how well you are.

Smart Glow, notification signal and selfie helper, may be on Galaxy Note 7

It’s supposed to be the next step up from the notification LED. Materials obtained about the feature point to the Galaxy J2 (2016) for its debut.

Chrome updates pick up better Data Saver on Android, drops notification center

Ever get the feeling that your 2G speeds are taking bits and…

Five smartphone problems you’d think they’d have fixed by now

From overprotective audio settings to oil-loving oleophobic coatings, we count down the 5 biggest (first-world) smartphone problems facing users today.

Why a top screen edge gesture doesn’t belong on a smartphone

Find out why top screen edge gesture controls for Smartphones is a really bad idea for one-handed usability.

Where is my GDR3 notification center?

Have you ever had that feeling that something is missing? It should…
android notification sound problem

Why can’t Android get notifications right during media playback?

Android has a feature to help you enjoy your music but still get important notifications. But what happens when your Android notifications aren’t important?