Barnes & Noble issues voluntary recall of dangerous Nook Tablet 7 chargers

While there’s no reason to fear or try to return your ultra-low-cost new Nook Tablet 7, Barnes & Noble admits its power adapter can be dangerous.

Barnes & Noble halts Nook Tablet 7 sales, considering recall due to charger issues

If the $50 Nook Tablet 7 felt a little too good to be… so cheap, it’s probably because it’s pre-loaded with spyware, as well as plagued by adapter flaws.

Barnes & Noble now faces criticism for baking Adups spyware into $50 Nook Tablet 7

Barnes & Noble follows BLU on the radar of mobile security experts, apparently also putting the personal data of Nook Tablet 7 users at risk.

Barnes & Noble’s best Black Friday deal is an all-new $50 Nook Tablet 7

In a surprising bid to capture some Black Friday spotlight, Barnes & Noble has just taken the wraps off its cheapest gadget yet, the Nook Tablet 7.

Barnes & Noble charges as little as $100 for ‘new’ Samsung Galaxy Tab A Nook

The Galaxy Tab A Nook is the latest result of a Barnes & Noble – Samsung collaboration going on for a few years now, starting at $100 for old Nook fans.

Barnes & Noble NOOK to be no more

The company has not had a successful time in the digital world. The NOOK will be going away into ether as we wonder what will come to replace it.

Samsung and Barnes & Noble join forces for $250 Galaxy Tab E Nook

The 9.6-inch Galaxy Tab E Nook is the third fruit of Samsung and Barnes & Noble’s collaboration, going for $250 with deeply forked Android software.

The new Nook: more Galaxy than ever before (Video)

Barnes & Noble’s new Nook is meant to pull the company’s e-reader division out of the doldrums – so why does it look so much like a cheap Samsung tablet?

New Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Coming September, Running Windows 8?

Read about the latest rumors concerning the upcoming B&N Nook, powered by Windows 8.

How Does Amazon’s Latest Kindle Fire Hardware Compare To Other Tablets?

Look at how the hardware specs of Amazon’s latest Kindle Fires, including the HD models, fare against some of their competitors.

Real Books Smell Better, But I Don’t Care

I know, I know: you could never trade in your beloved old book collection for a Kindle or other e-book tablet. Read about why you might be an endangered species of reader.

The Nexus 7 Is Cheaper Than The Galaxy Nexus. That’s Weird.

Thanks to devices like the Kindle Fire and the Nook, people no longer expect to pay top-dollar for a tablet- especially if that tablet is marketed as a content-consumption device with extras, instead of a full-service slate.