Older Nokia X models receiving Nokia X2 features today

Learn more about the recent software update that’s now reaching the Nokia X, Nokia X+, and Nokia XL smartphone lineup, even after Microsoft killed them.

Will Nokia ever make a higher-end ‘X’ Android phone?

Nokia Android phones were once only a dream. Read why we now think it’s not too crazy to think we’ll see a true high-end Android phone from Nokia.

Nokia X OS 2.0 not coming to the Nokia X, X+ and XL

If you have an original Nokia X, X+, or XL, we regret to inform you that the Nokia X OS 2.0 update will never make it (officially) to your phone.

Nokia X2: why is Microsoft making an Android phone?

Microsoft just announced the Nokia X2, its first Android-powered. Why didn’t it kills Nokia’s X project? Read why we think its is keeping Android around.

Nokia announces X2 Android phone

The Nokia X2 is now official, the follow-up to last year’s Nokia X. This phone peculiarly features Android as opposed to Windows Phone, just like last year.

Nokia X2 could be on the way, suggests benchmark

Nokia’s Android smartphone effort could already be getting a reboot, as we are now seeing a possible Nokia X2 benchmarked with specs similar to the Moto E.