HMD Global to update last 5 phones to Android Pie by end of Q2

The maker of Nokia phones is aiming to have all of its existing phones updated to version 9 of Android in the next several weeks.

Nokia Android Pie plans reportedly covering all of its portfolio

It seems to be, according to media sources, that it’s all going to be covered. All the phones HMD has made will be getting Android 9.

The new Nokia 5.1 gets a big display upgrade

From 720p to 1080p and just a bit taller, too, the display seems to be the centerpiece of improvements to the Nokia 5 from HMD Global.

HMD Global may make Nokia news in Moscow on May 29

There is no clear indication of what the Nokia smartphone brand licensee wants to do in Russia, but fans have plenty of ideas.

Chinese retailer seemingly confirms Nokia X name and design, Nokia 5 (2018) also coming soon

It appears an iPhone X-inspired Nokia X, not X6, is coming soon to China after all, with a low to mid-end new Nokia 5 also confirmed on Twitter by HMD’s Juho Sarvikas.

HMD starts Android 8.1 rollout for modest Nokia 5 and 6 smartphones

The mid-range Nokia 5 and 6 have received official Android 8.0 Oreo updates a couple of months back, and they’re now already moving up to Android 8.1.

HMD starts official Android 8.0 Oreo rollout for Nokia 5 and Nokia 6

HMD Global’s low to mid-end Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 are starting to receive official Android 8.0 Oreo goodies after completing public beta tests.

Nokia estimated to have sold 4.3 million smartphones through 3Q17

The brand licensee, HMD Global, was able to make the bulk of those shipments in the summer quarter after a weak start earlier in the year.

Nokia 6, HMD’s only smartphone available in the US, gets its own Android Oreo beta release

Following in the footsteps of the high-end Nokia 8 and low-end Nokia 5, the mid-range Nokia 6 officially jumps on the Oreo beta bandwagon today.

Nokia 5 follows 8 on Android Oreo public beta train, Nokia 6 up next ‘soon’

The low to mid-end Nokia 5 is HMD’s second smartphone to get an official public Android 8.0 Oreo preview, with the 6 also due for a beta program soon.

Possible Nokia 5 sequel gets benchmarked with 1080p screen, SD630, 4GB RAM

It’s almost time for HMD Global to unveil a mid-range Nokia 5 follow-up, and a pre-release benchmark suggests substantially upgraded specs are coming.

Android 8.0 Oreo update officially rolls out to Nokia 8 worldwide, 6 and 5 are up next

After reviewing feedback from 2000 public beta testers, and ironing out all kinks, HMD Global has officially started the Nokia 8’s wide-scale Oreo rollout.

Nokia 5 promises smoother multitasking in new 3GB RAM configuration available in India

Previously available with only 2GB RAM in tow, the low to mid-end Nokia 5 adds an extra gig of memory on top of that in India starting tomorrow.

Nokia 8 users can test-drive Android Oreo, public betas also coming to Nokia 3, 5 and 6

A public Android 8.0 Oreo beta has arrived for the Nokia 8 ahead of the phone’s official OS update. The 3, 5 and 6 will follow soon.

HMD Global promises Android P for Nokia 3 and others

HMD Global is committed to supporting its Nokia phones for the full measures they deserve and that will include next year’s Android OS update.

HMD officials boldly promise Android Oreo for Nokia 3, 5 and 6 this year, Nokia 8 by the end of October

All four of HMD’s Nokia-branded smartphones released in 2017 on Android Nougat should get Oreo updates by the end of the year.

Nokia 5 beats Google’s Pixel and Nexus devices to the September security update punch

Once again, HMD Global shows all other Android device manufacturers how it’s done, rolling out September security patches to the Nokia 5 already.

HMD guarantees Android Oreo updates for all Nokia smartphones, including the Nokia 3

Believe it or not, the entry-level Nokia 3 is officially promised Android Oreo software goodies shortly after receiving 7.1.1 Nougat.

Reminder: Nokia 2, 7, 8 and 9 smartphones are likely coming soon, with SoCs ranging from SD212 to 835

HMD is still struggling with global Nokia 3, 5 and 6 availability, but credible sources have something to share about the upcoming 2, 7, 8 and 9.

Nokia 3, 5 and 6 Android smartphones finally get official UK price tags and firm release dates

HMD’s highly anticipated Nokia-branded Android smartphones are all coming to the UK by mid-August, priced between £120 and £220.

Bigger and smaller numbers in store for HMD Global, but no Nokia 4

As the brand licensee for Nokia smartphones serves Asia, where the number 4 tends to be a homophone for “death,” perhaps we’re better off with a Nokia 2.

HMD brings ‘highly anticipated’ Nokia 6 to the US at $229 GSM unlocked

It’s not exactly a beastly smartphone, and it also lacks the 3310’s iconic name, but the Nokia 6 still looks like a decent US bargain.

SIM-free sellers have real Nokia 5 release date in UK

At least, as real as it’ll get barring future uncertainty. But if Nokia is going to launch the phones it debuted in February, it might as well do so now.

Nokia 3 goes on sale in India this week, followed by Nokia 5 and 6 next month

The entry-level Nokia 3 Android smartphone is priced at the rough equivalent of $150 in India, with the higher-end 5 and 6 going for around $200 and $235.

Nokia 6 availability in India may be revealed June 13

The Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 are also expected to get splayed in detail at the event. The big question in the country: how much will it all cost?