The new AirPods Pro with noise cancelation available now for $249

The new AirPods Pro with Active Noise Cancellation are already available for pre-order on, and they can be in your hands in just two days

Possible noise cancelling AirPods suggested by iOS 13.2 beta

An icon inside iOS 13.2 betaseems to suggest that Apple is possibly working on a new version of its earbuds, the noise cancelling AirPods

Third generation Apple AirPods coming by the end of the year, report suggests

A recent report suggests that Apple will be updating its earbuds, with a pair of AirPods 3 expected by the end of 2019, with noise cancelling features.

Second-gen AirPods to come with noise-canceling early 2019, says Barclays

What features will be in the next pair of AirPods? We’re getting a couple more puzzle pieces here, but still don’t have a complete picture. We do have noise on launch dates, though.

Premium wireless Apple headphones to be noise-canceling

They may come out in time for the holiday season and perhaps cannibalizing sales of AirPods or any of Apple’s Beats products.

uSonic headphones bundled with HTC U11 should work on other phones, but…

At least to the point where you get music or podcasts through to your ears, but there is a killer feature you’ll miss out on away from the U11.

HTC U11 debuts with Edge Sense, active noise canceling earbuds in the box

What if you could activate the app you want just by squeezing your phone? No picking at a screen. The HTC U11 debuts bringing that thought into the real world.

Creating content: the state of smartphone noise reduction in 2016

Smartphones have quickly become content creation tools, with improvements in both optics and audio. We’re taking a closer look at smartphone noise reduction