Nintendo has no plans to launch a new Switch console in 2020

Nintendo’s Switch and Switch Lite handheld consoles have been breakout hits, which…

Nintendo has generated over $1 billion from mobile games so far

Nintendo is milking the surge as well, and has reportedly generated over $1 billion from mobile games.

The latest Nintendo Switch model gets a $50 discount with a free game and accessory

Walmart has an interesting Nintendo Switch bundle that allows you to get a free game and accessory with purchase, and it ships free
Pixel 4 render

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iPhone 11

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iPhone 11 design

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Razer Phone 2

Razer Phone 3 might still be on for this year

Believe it or not, it still might be alive. But the Razer Phone 3 could be coming against rougher competition in the gaming sector.

Nintendo urges its mobile game developers to push fewer in-app purchases

The mobile game developer houses that have partnered with Nintendo aren’t too pleased about the policy which stems from a frankly sensical place.

Xbox Live achievements look to be coming to Android and iOS

The Xbox live networking service may also make a link with Nintendo’s Switch console, too. All this is set to be announced at GDC 2019 in San Francisco.

On the Road Again… with Michael Fisher | #PNWeekly 334

On our show, Mr. Mobile is taking us along in a hydrogen cell vehicle as we review the best in mobile tech in 2018 and take a view to 2019.

Fortnite Battle Royale debuts free for Nintendo Switch

The MMO has been massively successful so far on its supported computer and console platforms, but the growing number of Nintendo Switch users should help.

Asus, HTC and Microsoft were warned by the FTC last month for illegal warranty stipulations

The Federal Trade Commission made it easy to learn Nintendo, Sony and Hyundai were accused of illegal warranty practices, and slightly more difficult to add Asus, HTC and Microsoft to that list.

FTC asks six ‘major’ mobile, gaming and auto companies to revise their warranty policies

It’s against the law to void an automobile, gaming system or mobile phone’s warranty for use of third-party components or “unauthorized” repairs, which Nintendo, Sony, Hyundai and three other “major” companies seem to be ignoring.

Mar10 means Mario Kart is on Google Maps for the next week

March 10. Mar10. Mario. It makes sense, right? And Google has done us a 1UP by having us play some Mario Kart on the road. The real road. Sorta.

Nintendo confirms Mario Kart Tour mobile development, official launch still unclear

Mario Kart Tour will come to mobile devices by the end of 2019’s first calendar quarter, but it’s unclear if Nintendo plans this to be its next smartphone game.

Pole position: Galaxy S9, LG G7, RED Hydrogen One | #PNWeekly 289

On this week’s show: the flagship smartphones of 2018 begin to reveal themselves in mysterious ways and the app and ecosystem shutdowns that flew by.

Nintendo’s first mobile app, Miitomo, to shut down May 9

The company has since gone on to more renowned and successful games like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, so it may have been time to retire the social platform.

Nintendo makes up for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp server failure

Traffic was just too much to handle for Nintendo’s servers since a few days ago. While they’re being bolstered, Animal Crossing fans needed an apology.

More than 7 million Nintendo Switch consoles sold in 7 months

The WiiU days of decline are truly over. And these numbers don’t even factor in Super Mario Odyssey. Meanwhile, Super Mario Run is doing well.