Harry Potter: Wizards Unite needs you to protect the wizarding world

If Golden Snitches and Butterbeer crossed the divide between the wizarding world and the human world… there could be disaster, Niantic Labs says.

$100 of Pokemon GO currency if you switch to Sprint

In-game currency is not real currency. But Sprint’s offering it anyways with the still somewhat popular Niantic Labs game, Pokemon GO.

Ingress Prime to follow on from Niantic’s original game in 2018

The maker of Pokemon GO will be updating its original AR gaming hit next year with a new storyline, new look and a new development platform.

Pokemon GO update finally allows you to replace that annoying theme music with your own

If you’ve been “dah-ing” and “nuh-ing” as part of your Pokemon GO withdrawals, you can come back into the game with fresh tunes and relief.

SurveyMonkey proclaims peak Pokemon GO in US

SurveyMonkey is claiming that Pokemon GO is pretty much done riding its high. At least its initial one, anyways. Where does it go from here?

Sprint’s Pokémon GO campaign looks to shame T-Mobile’s gimmicks

T-Mobile is offering free unlimited data for a year? Sprint stores have free lures, charging stations and experts to help you out. Who’s gonna catch you?

Unlimited data for Pokémon GO fans on T-Mobile

If you’re on a limited tier plan, you don’t have to worry about eating up all your data to play Pokémon GO on T-Mobile, at least for a whole year.

Pokémon GO update brings Google Cardboard copyright acknowledgement

In version 1.0.1 of the Pokemon Go app, the settings section includes an open source software credit to Google Cardboard.

Niantic slows its roll for Pokémon GO to shore up servers

If you’re playing Pokémon GO right now, consider yourself very lucky. And if you can’t, have patience. The game’s maker is fighting server issues.

There’s a RAT in Pokémon Go! And it’s not Rattata

Nope, not Rattata, though we are pretty much in weak territory right there. There is a jacked-up version of Pokémon Go! out there with a RAT in it.

Love Ingress? Considering signing up for the Pokémon GO field tests

It’s like Pokémon, but in real life. That’s what the makers of Ingress what to bring with a new game, but they need your help in the US.