Harry Potter: Wizards Unite now open to Android users for pre-registration

Android device owners will have the first privilege of testing out the latest game from Niantic, this one on the Harry Potter franchise.

Samsung could get Galaxy-exclusive games from Niantic

We could see Samsung Galaxy-exclusive games coming soon after the chaebol seems to be investing a large sum of money to help Niantic develop games

Niantic rounds up $200 million ahead of Harry Potter game

The firm was founded inside Google and came out of it with $30 million in funding. As it prepares a game for the Harry Potter franchise, it grabs more.

Yer A Wizard, Niantic! | #PNWeekly 278

A new roving AR game for Harry Potter fans is coming around next year! Plus, more controversy around the Pixel 2 XL and iPhone X on this week’s show!

Niantic is working on “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”

The company behind the engines of Pokemon Go and Ingress are going for it once again, this time with a Warner Bros. property.

Nex + Ingress Band could be why Pokemon GO smartwatch apps are delayed

Niantic is rumored to be behind a wearable project that it has more of a stake in than just a free Apple Watch app. Is the company in a bind here?

Second-gen Pokemon launch as Pokemon GO uses Pikachu to celebrate holidays

The game gets its second breath with Johto region Pokemon hatching in eggs. Pikachu around the world are getting festive, too.

Pokemon GO Plus pre-orders at Best Buy will ship starting January 20

Sure, you can get it elsewhere right now, but can you really? Demand has kept up with stock and the struggle has been real for persistent fans.

Starbucks and Niantic toss in another 7,800 stops for Pokemon GO

And if you do decide to train and battle near a Pike Street brew shop, consider going in and purchasing a Pokémon GO Frappuccino®!

Sprint and Niantic partner to bolster Pokemon GO stops count

While the extra 10,500 or so PokeStops and gyms are appreciated, this development might serve as a first step together for Sprint and Niantic.

Pokemon GO on Android Wear is also coming

There is a whole bin of code in a version of the Pokemon GO app of Android related to a mobile accessory and Android Wear support.

Pokémon Go Plus companion device has a new, firm release date: September 16

Following a couple of delays, the wrist-worn Pokémon Go Plus companion gadget will roll out worldwide the same day as the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2.

Post-peak, where will Pokemon GO’s bottom be?

At its peak, Pokemon GO had over 40 million users. But that was a month ago. Now it’s three-quarters of that. Where will decline take this viral hit?

Pokemon GO permabans activated

If you’re found misbehaving within the game that violates the Terms of Conditions for Pokemon GO, you’ll have to beg for forgiveness.

More than a million portable batteries were bought in the two weeks since Pokemon GO’s launch

More than a million portable batteries were sold in two weeks. That’s a pretty fast clip, even for sellers. And it’s all thanks to Pokemon GO.

Pokémon Go Plus wearable accessory is officially pushed back two months

Waiting for the Pokémon Go Plus to bring part of the experience hunting for virtual monsters to your wrist? Sadly, you’ll need to wait until September.

Nintendo forecasts little profit from Pokemon GO, stocks drop

Nintendo stock dropped as investors reacted to the fact that the company expects most of the revenue from Pokemon GO will go to its affiliate company.

Pokémon Go comes home, stops by McDonald’s to grab a bite

Niantic and Nintendo sure took their sweet time before bringing global phenomenon Pokémon Go to Japan, but at long last, the wait is now over.

Pokémon Go is most definitely around the corner in Japan

Yes, you’ll likely be able to fight rival Pokémon Go trainers in McDonald’s gyms as soon as the game actually launches in Japan, i.e. in a few days tops.

Pokémon Go is a go in 26 new European countries, from Austria to Sweden

No more jumping through hoops with Android sideloading or iTunes location changes for Pokémon Go trainers in 26 additional European territories.

From Ingress addiction to Pokemon Go overdose

Since the day Pokemon Go was available to the masses I have hit the ground running and haven’t looked back in pursuit of finding all these imaginary beasts.

Pokémon Go continues slow global expansion with debuts in Italy, Spain, and Portugal

Hot on the heels of German and UK launches earlier this week, Pokémon Go now officially spreads its wings to three additional European countries.

Pokémon Go breaks usage record after record in the US, spreads to the UK also

The “biggest mobile game in US history” is finally officially available in the UK as well, with Pokémon Go adoption likely headed for unimaginable heights.

Niantic working on Pokémon GO linking with Google on iOS

You apparently don’t have to worry about Niantic Labs taking over all of your Google account information if you’re playing Pokémon GO on iOS.

Wild Pokémon Go success predictably causes handful of nasty real-life incidents

No one says to stop trying to catch’ em all in Pokémon Go, but taking a breather and considering a few real-world risks may save you some pain and sorrow.