NFC-based Android Beam to be dropped in Android Q

Google is preparing to deprecate Android Beam in the next version of Android, which is Q, if commits found on AOSP are of any indication.

Mobvoi stays with Wear OS, goes thinner Ticwatch C2

An all-in-one decent smartwatch running Wear OS for a fair price. Also, new wireless earbuds coming off a summer crowdfunding camapign….

CVS finally accepting mobile payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay

Yes, even contactless cards are being accepted at the registers these days. What took the United States’s largest drugstore chain so long to adapt?

Paperwork for Nokia 5.1 has been filed at FCC

But what does it mean for stateside Nokia phone fans? Will retailers also sell the Nokia 5.1 here? Or do things make less sense than what it looks like?

Third-party NFC development may begin with iOS 12

Apple Pay is currently all that can be used through the NFC chip on all modern iPhones, but that could soon change as early as this fall.

Mexico now has Samsung Pay

It’s second behind Brazil to get the mobile payments system which will be available for cards from three issuers and several banks.

Google claims the Pixel 2 XL blue tint is ‘slight’ and ‘inherent’, Pixel 2 clicking will be fixed

It almost seems like Google wants the Pixel 2 XL to be hated, only acknowledging and promising to properly fix a Pixel 2-specific bug.

Google ships Pixel 2 that failed QA while other units click and beep

Many Pixel owners didn’t get the right tender love and care they deserved — they wanted their damn phones to work. Boy, is it a mess this time.

Wells Fargo launches more than 5,000 ATMs with NFC support

Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay users or those with the Wells Fargo Wallet app can simply tap into an ATM, enter their PIN and withdraw.

UK getting Samsung Pay from May 16, reportedly

Customer service representatives aren’t always the best place to source your information, but there’s a little reason to be confident here.

Apple takes Swatch to Swiss court for Bellamy’s eerily familiar ‘Tick different’ slogan

It’s almost like Swatch wanted to enrage Apple, first with a “One more thing trademark”, then by using a “Tick different” Bellamy ad motto.

Original Huawei Watch with Android Pay? [UPDATE]

Huawei Australia told a domestic outlet that the Android Wear 2.0 update would bring Android Pay to the original Huawei Watch. Huawei US? Not so.

Charge your phone via NFC; Sony just patented phone-to-phone wireless charging

According to a recent Sony patent filing, phone-to-phone wireless charging would be possible via NFC sometime in the future. What do you think?

Sporty Huawei Watch 2 shows up in three colors, no rotating crown, and possibly, no NFC in tow

Leaked pre-MWC renders showcase a far less stylish Huawei Watch 2 than its acclaimed predecessor, and rumor has it there’s no NFC on deck either.

LG Watch Sport antennas are in the non-replaceable bands

Maybe that’s why you won’t be able to replace them with other bands and why accessories manufacturers won’t be making any.

Apple Pay makes official Japan debut with Suica support for public transport use

Japanese digital wallet enthusiasts can finally unlock the local full potential of Apple Pay, with both standard NFC and Suica compatibility.

Samsung Gear S3 announcement brings Classic and Frontier designs, more technology

Samsung’s latest smartwatch features two impactful designs, a heavy dose of Samsung Pay, GPS and other sensors, and an unknown release path.

NFC payment ring completes Olympic beta tests, moves on to public pre-orders

The world’s first NFC payment ring is no longer a Rio 2016 athlete exclusive, fetching the equivalent of $53 on global pre-orders shipping in December.

Wallet 2.0 for Windows 10 Mobile avails NFC Tap to Pay

A refreshed mobile payments app for Windows 10 Mobile will likely bring NFC functionality in the form of Tap to Pay. And it works right now.

Wells Fargo Wallet, because you don’t want Apple Pay or Android Pay working with other banks

Wells Fargo Wallet will be a mobile payments feature exclusive to Android phones and will let them work with the bank’s ATMs.

Blass dishes OnePlus 3 specs

Evan Blass has another leak out that intermingles with previous hardware spec rumors. We just wish there were rumors about pricing, though.

Fitbit acquires Coin assets to compete with Jawbone, Apple Watch in mobile payments

Coin isn’t being bought out by the fitness tracker maker, but some important assets are. The move may get Fitbit into the mobile payments game.

OnePlus 3 could be joining the 6GB RAM and NFC club

OnePlus may be taking a good long wait before coming out with another “flagship killer” with goodies new that should be and old that should’ve been.

Walmart Pay launches using not NFC, but QR codes

Instead of going the Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay route, Walmart Pay has decided to make things “easier” by making them complicated.

LG G Pay scheduled for launch in December

The current breadth of mobile payment systems is still fairly limited. We’ve…