Can Android TV succeed where Google TV already failed?

Google got into the set top business four years ago with Google TV. Now that it’s dead, what will it take for Android TV to succeed?
nexus 6

A Nexus 6 in two sizes would be a great idea

Samsung has smartphones and tablets. The iPhone 6 comes in both sizes. A Nexus 6 in two sizes would be a great idea, but are we ready for them?

New sources support rumored Nexus 6 launch this month

We may be just a week away from the introduction of not one, but two new Nexus models, if this latest October Nexus 6 launch rumor is correct.
Nexus 6 wish list

Google Nexus 6 wish list

We’ve heard plenty of rumors, some contradictory, but what do users want? Here is our Nexus 6 wish list.
motorola shamu

Who is the Motorola Shamu for?

The Motorola Shamu looks like the perfect size for everyone – as long as you don’t have small hands.

Detailed Nexus 6 rumors attempt to confirm name, hardware specs

Shamu is coming! Get all the latest Nexus 6 rumors, including both hardware and software specifics.

Motorola “Shamu” allegedly pictured next to LG G3

A new Motorola Shamu image is making the rounds, a comparison shot next to the LG G3. Is this really an upcoming Motorola Nexus? Let’s have a look.

More Motorola “Shamu” details get leaked alongside render

More Motorola Shamu details have leaked alongside an alleged render of the device’s look. Learn what the next Nexus smartphone is expected to be.

Notes, headphones, and what sucks – week 35 recap: Week in Review

This week 35 recap covers all three major platforms with some speculation and surprises. Come in and see if you can help us find our headphones.

Retail sources talk Google Nexus X launch plans

Goodbye Nexus 6, hello Nexus X! The latest Nexus X retail rumors start taking a look at when sales of the Android could get underway.

Motorola’s new Nexus gets a name, possible release date

A new report suggests that a new Nexus could be preparing to launch, this time manufactured by Motorola as the Motorola Nexus X. Learn when it will launch.
Moto X

I want a Moto X and so should you, here’s why

Motorola has finally settled on a name for their X phone: Moto X. It’s not a Nexus. It’s not a Google Edition. It’s a Motorola, and this is why I want one!

Google Announces an Android Event For October 29th

Yes, this is the month where we all get very little sleep…
Sony Nexus X

If We’re Really Getting a Bunch of Nexus Phones, Where Are The Rest?

Read about the rumors surrounding the upcoming Android Nexus devices, and some theories that we have.

Sony Nexus X Photos, iPad Mini Price Leaks, Xbox Music Launch Ironies & More – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we go through the photos of the…