The new Nexus tablet has a rear facing camera. Damn It.

The new Nexus tablet has a rear camera. And it makes us cry. Rear facing cameras have no place on a tablet of any size. Bad Google. No cookie!

More Google Nexus Tablet Rumored Confirmations

Where there’s smoker there must be fire, so they say and there’s…

Android Jelly Bean Predictions (Video)

The next version of Android should be announced at Google IO, it will probably be called Jelly Bean, and it will most likely be version 4.1. What’re they going to include in the latest and greastest version of the Android OS?

WiFi-Only Google Nexus Tablet Coming at Google I/O For $199: Report

If you tend to believe the latest rumors and reports than you can take it for granted that Google’s alleged Nexus tablet, made in collaboration with Asus, will indeed be unveiled at the upcoming Google I/O.

Benchmark Reveals Upcoming 7-Inch Asus-Made Google Nexus Tablet Running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean?

An Asus-made tablet has popped up in benchmark wearing the codename “Grouper” and the model number “Nexus 7”.