It’s alive! Five year-old Google Nexus S can unofficially run Android Marshmallow

Thanks to a dedicated and ingenious software engineer, the archaic Google Nexus S can be hacked into to jump on the Android Marshmallow bandwagon.
best Nexus

This was the best Nexus of all time

From the Nexus One to this year’s models, which is the best Nexus of all time? Let’s look at the hits and the misses that have carried the Nexus name.
Nexus 6

Are the days of the affordable Nexus over?

In recent years, Nexus devices have become surprisingly affordable. Not so with Google’s newest Nexus products. Read our thoughts on the Nexus 6 pricing.

How far we’ve come: Google’s Nexus legacy, 2010-2014

Rumor has it the Nexus smartphone line might be looking at retirement. True or not, we thought it a good excuse to take a look back at Google Nexus history.

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How To Relock Your Nexus and Return it to Stock (Video)

Watch as we show you how to re-lock and re-image your Google Nexus device to factory-condition.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 ROM Ported To Google Nexus S

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 ROM has been ported to the Samsung-made Google Nexus S. Check out what works and what doesn’t!

Nexus S, Motorola Xoom Hit End Of The Line For Android Updates?

Find out why the Nexus S and Xoom could find themselves out of the loop for future Android updates.

Will Multiple Nexus Phones Ruin the Nexus Brand?

Read about how multiple Nexus phones from multiple manufacturers could be a very good thing… or a very bad thing.

NASA PhoneSat Project Has Android Nexus Phones At Its Core

Read about how NASA is building Android-powered satellites controlled by Nexus hardware.

Google Posts Jelly Bean Factory Images For Several Nexus Devices

Following the source link below you will be able to grab the Jelly Bean factory images for the Samsung-made Google Nexus S, Samsung-made Google Galaxy Nexus and the Asus-made Google Nexus 7 tablet.

What’s Next For Google’s Nexus Brand Of Devices?

Google loves to use Nexus models to shape the evolution of Android hardware. What could we expect to see from its next-such handset?

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OTA Arriving For the Nexus S

The Samsung-made Google Nexus S was kind of late to officially join the Ice Cream Sandwich party but we’re glad to see Google learning from their mistakes and bringing the latest iteration of Android to the phone quicker.

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Google Bringing Ice Cream Sandwich To Nexus S/S 4G Soon

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