Is “elfin” the Pixel TV or something else entirely?

There’s Android code mentioning a new piece of hardware that is tangentially related to the Nexus Player. But it looks to be very early days.
Chromecast 2015

Google Chromecast and Chromecast Audio Review: the future is now

Google Chromecast and Chromecast Audio Review are now available. What’s new, and should you buy one, or both?

Android 6.0 Marshmallow First Look (Video)

Earlier today, Android Marshmallow technically dropped on all of us. To be…
Android Lollipop for smartwatches

The state of Android

Android has grown well beyond that which it was originally intended. Where did it come from and where is it now? This is the state of Android.
Google Smart home powered by Nest

Google’s acquisition of Nest could revitalize Android @Home

Google may not be interested in thermostats and smoke detectors, but could a Google smart home powered by Nest and Android @Home be in your near future?

Google Android 5.0 products, GS4 Android 4.3 ROM leaked, BlackBerry results & more – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Windows 8.1 and all…

Google developing Android smartwatch, game console, cheaper Nexus Q?

Rumors of new types of Android hardware include a Google smartwatch, game console, and new Nexus Q.

Google Play Movies gets a new look, while twisting the knife in the Nexus Q’s back

Get the bad news about what the new Google Play Movies update means for 2012’s Nexus Q.

FCC Docs May Hint at New Google Nexus Q

Find out what we know about this Nexus Q 2 candidate, thanks to some FCC paperwork.

Last-Minute Requests for Google I/O

What will be announced at Google I/O 2013? That’s the question of…

Google I/O Is Coming, Here’s What To Expect

Read about what we expect to see coming out of this year’s Google I/O conference, and let us know what you want to see!

How To Relock Your Nexus and Return it to Stock (Video)

Watch as we show you how to re-lock and re-image your Google Nexus device to factory-condition.

Android 4.2 Screen Sharing Will Make Other Google Products Obsolete

Read about how Android 4.2’s remote display feature could replace Google TV, the Nexus Q, and Chrome Books.

Will Multiple Nexus Phones Ruin the Nexus Brand?

Read about how multiple Nexus phones from multiple manufacturers could be a very good thing… or a very bad thing.
Android Guy Weekly

The Curse of the Early Adopter (Video)

Although I love being an early adopter, most of the time the cost of entry is very high, the potential for failure is a big unknown, and the novelty can wear off a lot faster than one would have predicted. Nevertheless, Pocketnow is here to help you through the quagmire that exists on the cutting edge!