Fishy Google Nexus 8 benchmark suggests octa-core 1.3 GHz SoC in tow

Contrary to previous rumors, Google could prepare a Nexus 8 tablet for a fall introduction next to the Nexus 5 and 6 (2015).
htc tablet

Should HTC branch out from smartphones?

I hope the rumors of a 9-inch HTC Nexus tablet are correct. Additionally, I hope it’s very successful and helps bootstrap HTC tablets into the mainstream.

HTC Nexus tablet could be just over a month away

If the latest rumors are to be believed, we’ll see the HTC Nexus tablet launch happen sometime before October 9.

New HTC Nexus tablet hardware rumors emerge, as regulatory evidence builds

Maybe those disputed HTC Nexus tablet rumors about hardware weren’t too far off; hear the latest account on just how high-end the slate could be.

Could Nexus 8 confirmation really come this easily?

Is seeing the Nexus 8 name in an Indian database confirmation of Google’s next tablet, or could someone just be pulling our leg?

Nexus 8 could still be coming, but no one seems to know when

When might we hope to see a Nexus 8 release? Could it launch this summer, or will we be waiting until the fall?

Did Google show off an HTC Nexus 9 render?

In a promotional image for Android L, Google may have accidentally (or intentionally) planted an HTC Nexus 9 render image. Take a look at the pic here.

HTC likely working on Nexus 9 tablet, full details leaked

An HTC Nexus 9 tablet has broke cover. Both images and specs have been leaked, and we now know just about everything there is about the HTC “Volantis.”

Could this really be the Nexus 8?

Check out the new “Nexus 8 pics” going around, and see why we have a few problems with them.

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More Nexus 8 leaks add to the possibility of a Google I/O debut and NVIDIA CPU

More Nexus 8 leaks are lending credence to the possibility of a launch at Google I/O, as we receive word that the device may feature a 64-bit NVIDIA CPU.

Nexus 6, Nexus 8 names show up in source files (but that may fall short of confirmation)

Can we call the Nexus 6 name confirmed? What about the Nexus 8? Some people are saying “yes,” but you might not want to rush to judgement. See why.

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HTC Nexus Tablet, HTC Sense

Evidence emerges of HTC Nexus, along with codenames “Flounder” and “Molly”

An HTC Nexus may be coming, says an Android 4.4.3 (KitKat MR2) changelist. We are also learning of the existence of a mystery “Molly” device from Google.

Nexus 8’s official codename might have just surfaced

A Nexus 8 flounder codename has surfaced in a Chrome bug report, leading to speculation that we’re looking at some early evidence of this tablet.

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8.9-inch Google Nexus tablet might be in the works

An 8.9-inch Google Nexus tablet might be in the works, according to a recent report, that talks about premium specs and price tag.
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Intel-powered Nexus 8 rumors arrive; any substance there?

Get the details behind the Intel-powered Nexus 8 rumors that are going around, and see what’s to like (and what seems sketchy) about the idea.
HTC Nexus Tablet, HTC Sense

An HTC Nexus tablet is not the best way to get back in the tablet game

We hope HTC is selected to build a Nexus tablet, we’re just concerned that an HTC Nexus tablet may not be the best way to get back into the tablet game.
htc tablet

HTC Google Nexus 10 follow-up rumored

According to the latest rumors, an HTC Google Nexus 10 follow-up is to be expected. Samsung will apparently not be the one making the next Nexus slate.

Google Nexus 8 tablet coming at the end of April?

The rumored Google Nexus 8 tablet might be coming as soon as at the end of April, according to sources from the Taiwan supply chain. Read the details!

What do you think of this Nexus 8 concept?

What do you think of this Nexus 8 concept? It has been published by a Google+ user and we’re asking for your opinion. Do you like it? How would you imagine the Nexus 8?

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ASUS-made Nexus 8 referenced in report, hinted for mid-2014

An ASUS-made Nexus 8 is what we should expect to see mid-2014, according to this recent report from the supply chain.

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