Rumors say that Andromeda is alive, but at least a year away from primetime

Major hardware releases are said to be due out next fall, but there is at least one early arrival rumored for this year…

Google officially seals the Nexus family’s fate, confirming it has ‘no plans’ to release new models

Hello, Pixel, bye-bye, Nexus! Google has just made the rebranding official, confirming there are “no plans” for future Nexus releases.

The Google Rumor Roundup: mobile that matters

From the Pixel phones to the Andromeda products to all things smartening up the Internet of Things and your Wi-Fi network, Google is getting on steroids.

Huawei was reportedly Google’s plan A for the unsung Pixel and Pixel XL manufacturer

Huawei could have been Google’s silent partner for the production of the Pixel and Nexus 6P-following Pixel XL phones, with HTC the rumored “plan B.”

Google Hyperdrives to Andromeda, and Blackberry Black-holes | #PNWeekly 220

Google Hyperdrives to Andromeda! Will Android and Chrome finally merge? Also, no more in-house hardware from Blackberry? #PNWeekly Podcast episode 220!

Huawei Nexus 7P could run Andromeda

A few things to take you back by the whiskers: yes, it’s still likely going to be a “Nexus,” but it will run on the merged Android/Chrome OS.

Huawei SuperCharge could be the greatest Mate S2 or Mate 9 feature

Huawei SuperCharge is the nearly guaranteed market name of the company’s looming fast charging technology, previewed last year.

Android 7.0 Nougat due with August 5 security update

If we don’t learn of anything else, the new Android OS update will take place before Google announces its new Nexus hardware.

Huawei Nexus redux spoiled in South Africa

The manager of the South African unit of Huawei has confirmed that the company will be putting out another Nexus phone this year.