best Nexus
This was the best Nexus of all time
From the Nexus One to this year’s models, which is the best Nexus of all time? Let’s look at the hits and the misses that have carried the Nexus name.
Nexus 4 on Lollipop gets its LTE restored, thanks to helpful devs
See how you can get Nexus 4 Lollipop LTE support working, despite Google disabling it in official releases.
broken screen
When it comes to broken phones, LG knows how to take care of customers
I’ve had the opportunity to work with LG to repair two broken phones so far. Each time I’ve been impressed with their service. Here’s why.
Early-adopter blues: is it smarter to wait for new phones?
The plight of the early adopter is a more expensive, less hassle-free owning experience. But millions of smartphone buyers fall into this category. Why?
tethering nexus 6
How to re-enable tethering in KitKat with T-Mobile
Do you tether your tablet or other device to your smartphone? You might want to know that Android 4.4 KitKat broke T-Mobile tethering! Here’s how to fix it.
Ubuntu Touch dropping support for majority of Nexus models
Find out which Nexus models are seeing their Ubuntu Touch support dry up.
KitKat versus Jelly Bean
Android 4.4.2: Here’s what it brings to different Nexus devices
Android 4.4 KitKat wasn’t out very long before 4.4.1 was released. Now there’s a new update and we have to ask, what is new in Android 4.4.2?
Android 4.4 ROMS
These devices have Android 4.4 ROMs available
We all want to run the latest operating system, but sometimes they’re so slow to arrive. Here’s a list of Android 4.4 ROMs that may just work on your device
How to Flash KitKat on your Android today
Whether you’ve got a Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus, or even an original Nexus 7, to run the latest version of Android all you’ve got to go is Flash KitKat!
Ubuntu Mobile
What happened to Ubuntu Touch for Phones?
Ubuntu Mobile was cancelled in 2009 & replaced with Ubuntu Touch. The Ubuntu Edge missed its funding goal in August 2013. Is there hope for an Ubuntu phone?
Google I/O To Focus On Devs, Not New Products Says Android Chief
Google I/O is a developer’s conference; Yes, we know that. Still, Google…
How to Install Ubuntu for Phones on the Nexus 4 (Video)
A developer preview of Ubuntu for Phones released yesterday. In this video, Taylor shows how to flash Ubuntu to the Nexus 4.
I Just Destroyed My Nexus 4 (Video)
Watch as Joe the Android Guy shows you what happened to his Nexus 4, what he could have done to prevent it, and how he’s going to deal with it until his replacement phone arrives
Qi Wireless Charger Face-Off: Nokia DT-900 vs. Energizer (Video)
Watch as we compare and contrast the Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charger and the Energizer Inductive Charger, both supporting the Qi standard.
Nexus 4 and Energizer Inductive Charger
Hands on with the Energizer Wireless Charging Mat and the Nexus 4
Watch as we go hands-on with the Energizer Single Inductive Charger and the Nexus 4.
The Glass-Backed Phone: Ever A Good Idea?
Read why we think that glass backs on smartphones may not be the great idea manufacturers seem to believe it is.
Nexus 4 Review
Read our full review of the Google Nexus 4 by LG where we cover performance, battery life, photo quality, and more
Everything You Need To Know About Wireless Charging
Learn everything you need to know about wireless charging — and the battle that’s brewing.
LG Nexus 4 Render Leaked
See how LG’s upcoming Nexus smartphone may look when it finally arrives.