vivo APEX 2019 to arrive in hours, here’s what we know

vivo has been teasing this launch for a few days. What should we look forward to? Even less bezels? A jack-in-the-box camera?

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vivo NEX Dual Display Edition comes out in China

If you want two displays on one phone, a fingerprint sensor, an advanced facial recognition system and a way to use one camera for selfies and landscapes… this is it.
5G Vivo NEX

5G Vivo NEX in the works, arriving by 2019

Vivo has announced the completion of some tests that would allow the company to release a first batch of 5G smartphones by 2019.

The vivo NEX has an incredible 6.6-inch screen (Video)

The Chinese manufacturer is showing off a pretty impressive flagship that Apple or Samsung have yet to match. We give our first take on the vivo NEX!

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Innovation doesn’t just have to serve what may be the most popular feature of a product that people use every day. In fact, it should go beyond popularity.

vivo NEX plotted for Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Russia and Taiwan this month

With a 91.24 percent screen-to-body ratio, it’s an impressive phone indeed. No word on pricing, though we can bet it’ll be steep to import.

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Almost bezelless Vivo NEX uses pop-up camera to remove the need for a notch

Based on a bonkers APEX concept from a few months ago, the Vivo NEX is real and not as pricey as you may have expected, with no notch and almost no bezels.

Last-minute Vivo NEX leaks include fresh imagery, specs and possible pricing

There are definitely two Vivo NEX variants scheduled for a June 12 announcement, both coming with crazy thin bezels and ingenious pop-up front cameras.

Two Vivo NEX variants are prematurely revealed with and without in-display fingerprint sensor

In advance of next week’s formal announcement event, the highly anticipated Vivo NEX and NEX S, aka Ultimate, have been briefly listed on the OEM’s website.

Vivo NEX S with Snapdragon 845 and SD710-powered NEX slowly come into focus

A few things remain unclear or unconfirmed regarding the differences between the upcoming Vivo NEX and NEX S. But nothing can contain our excitement.

APEX-based Vivo NEX and NEX S phones are coming on June 12 with crazy thin bezels

That bonkers APEX concept is about to materialize in two phones with in-display fingerprint recognition and super-slim bezels, called Vivo NEX and NEX S.