Best Buy offers massive discounts on a Surface Laptop and a Surface Pro configuration
You can save a whopping $300 off the list price of a Surface Laptop with Intel Core i5 inside, and an even heftier $350 off a Surface Pro bundle.
Microsoft’s first-ever LTE-enabled Surface Pro SKU is now widely available in three countries
Restricted to business customers for a little while, the Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced has gone up for pre-orders for everyone back in March, and is now available for rapid delivery.
Anyone can now pre-order a $1,449 Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced support
Available for Microsoft’s business customers since December, the LTE-enabled fifth-generation Surface Pro is now up for pre-order for everyday consumers too.
New Surface Pro and Laptop deals galore at Microsoft and Best Buy
You can get the newest version of the Surface Pro starting at $599 today only from Microsoft, or a heavily discounted Surface Laptop bundle at Best Buy.
Save big on Surface Pro i5 bundle including black Type Cover and sleeve (today only)
If you hurry, a fifth-generation Microsoft Surface Pro with Intel Core i5, 128GB SSD and 4GB RAM inside can be yours for $799, two sweet gifts included.
Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced ships to business customers in December
A long overdue LTE-enabled Microsoft Surface Pro is coming in December to business customers, priced at $1,149 and up stateside.
That long-promised LTE-capable Surface Pro is reportedly launching on December 1
Microsoft knows you’ve been waiting for a Surface Pro configuration with LTE connectivity since forever, likely prepping a December 1 rollout.
Microsoft celebrates largest ever Surface launch, rolling out Surface Pro and Laptop in 25 markets
Microsoft’s “new” Surface Pro detachable and first ever Surface Laptop are officially available starting today around the world.
Microsoft’s new $100 Surface Pen kicks off US pre-orders, shipping from June 15
With a revised Surface Pro 4 comes a brand-new, low-latency, tilt-supporting Surface Pen, priced at $99.99 and up for pre-order right now.
Microsoft bills ‘new’ Surface Pro as ‘the most versatile laptop’, Intel Kaby Lake inside
The 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro, which isn’t called the Pro 5 or Pro Next, is marketed as the “most versatile laptop.” Laptop, not tablet.