Samsung bundles new Gear 360 and Gear VR at a very special price today only
If you already own a high-end Samsung smartphone, you might also be interested in purchasing a new Gear 360 and Gear VR at a combined $200 price.
The right thing to do: Oculus disables Galaxy Note 7 – Gear VR compatibility
Oculus takes pride in putting customer safety first, removing support for all Galaxy Note 7 devices on the Gear VR headset.
New Galaxy S7 Edge buyers in the UK get free new Gear VR headsets for limited time
Waiting for a Galaxy Note 7 replacement? Why not ditch the S Pen phablet, and get the Galaxy S7 Edge instead, bundled with a free new Gear VR in the UK?
It’s Galaxy Note 7 launch day, here are a bunch of accessories also on sale
So many accessories to peddle to you. A VR headset and a camera to make VR content. A fitness band, a wired wireless headset or really wireless earbuds.
Verizon Galaxy Note 7 pre-orders tipped to start August 3
A Verizon Wireless employee has apparently tipped off an outlet to the company’s plans for launching and promoting the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.