Senators confront FCC on carriers throttling streaming video

Lawmakers want answers as to if the nation’s wireless networks are throttling their customers’ streaming video without proper disclosure or even reason.

FCC defends “information service” classification in net neutrality trial

The government makes the case that internet service providers are telecommunications services and aren’t subject to heavy regulation.

California passes own net neutrality law, Justice Department sues

On the same day Governor Jerry Brown signed the law that restored net neutrality regulations on ISPs, Attorney General Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit.

Firefighters battle Verizon throttling during Mendocino fires

Santa Clara County Fire Department has been fighting with Verizon to remove data speed throttling from its account while it has been fighting the blaze.

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US Senate passes bill protecting net neutrality, likely a symbolic gesture

The House of Representatives and President Donald Trump aren’t likely to move this bill forward further, but it’s a big reminder for voters.

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FCC’s net neutrality repeal order will take full effect June 11

After months of regulatory uncertainty as to when the repeal of the Open Internet Order would take effect, we finally have a due date.

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The Trump White House has yet to sign off on key aspects of the net neutrality repeal. Sprint and T-Mobile and merging… again… and more in our show!

US government has yet to approve FCC’s net neutrality repeal

The Office of Management and Budget still has to sign off on several aspects of the Title II protection repeal that require a change in funding.

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State of Washington first to enforce net neutrality rules

It’s the first state law with teeth to go against the FCC’s “Restoring Internet Freedom Order” and will surely be the subject of legal disputes.

FCC may publish net neutrality reversal terms on Thursday

By having paper that explicitly lays out the terms of the repeal, it allows Congress and attorneys generals to begin to act.

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After Title II repeal, AT&T vouches for “Internet Bill of Rights”

AT&T’s clarion call is raising doubts from net neutrality activists given its support for the repeal of Title II protections. That said, one thing’s for sure: new laws would cement things up.

CES 2018 will not be graced by FCC chairman Ajit Pai

After the net neutrality rules repeal vote, would Pai face the crowd that has been against him on that very issue for the sake of their livelihoods?

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After FCC vote, legislators draft bills chasing down net neutrality repeal

One bill comes from a Democratic senator, the other from a Republican representative. Which is more net neutral? Which has a chance on the floor?

Like most things, net neutrality repeal will be gradual on ISPs’ part

Content providers probably won’t be paying more (than they already are) to send product through the internet. Consumers will have to pay more to see it.

FCC’s Pai, Carr, Reilly lead party-line vote to dismantle Title II protections for ISPs; net neutrality at risk

The commission’s three Republican members voted against the two Democratic members to remove regulations that activists say promoted net neutrality.

FCC chairman complains about Twitter, waves hatchet at net neutrality rules

Ajit Pai attacked the microblogging platform at an event held by a libertarian think tank for its “liberal” values while promoting his Title II rollback.

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FCC will vote to kill Title II web protections, hurt net neutrality on December 14

The Open Internet Order equalized internet access after a raft of conflicts between content providers and internet providers. It may be killed.

Verizon admits to “optimizing” amid accusations of Netflix throttling

It’s not just Netflix: YouTube and Verizon’s own go90 service is being affected. Is there a net neutrality issue here? It comes down to technicalities.

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