Low-cost Nest Learning Thermostat is all about plastic in ev-leaked render

There may finally be a new version of Google’s Nest Learning Thermostat around the corner, with a plastic build and more sensible pricing.
Google WiFi mesh

The future of WiFi is Mesh, and Google might be missing out

While I’m excited about Google WiFi and will probably deploy it at my home, there’s a lot of unnecessary overlap, and a lot lost potential Google could leverage using products that are already in people’s homes.

Nest Apple Watch support finally happens

Android Wear watch owners have gotten the ability to adjust their Nest Thermostat for a while. Now, it’s the Apple Watch’s turn.
Google Smart home powered by Nest

Nest may be disappointing Alphabet when it comes to cash

We’re learning that the Google-bought maker of connected appliances might be financially letting down Alphabet.
Pocketnow Smart Home Series

Pocketnow Smart Home: the pros and cons of Nest

In recent years, our phones have evolved into the “universal remote control”…