T-Mobile Nest Secure pack available from November 10

The system costs $480, but customers pay it off on an EIP with a $240 down. Nest sensors, tags and a camera get help with cellular backup.

Black Friday? Time for Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals!

Just because it’s a different day doesn’t mean it can’t feel the same way. Plenty of the same rock solid discounts are on the schedule for next week.
Google Smart home powered by Nest

Nest may be disappointing Alphabet when it comes to cash

We’re learning that the Google-bought maker of connected appliances might be financially letting down Alphabet.

If you’re “Feeling Lucky” at home, you can play the Google Store Claw on Twitter

Stop by the Google Fiber Space at SXSW this weekend and have a crack at a free Pixel C, a Nexus or Android Wear. Not there? Play via Twitter!
Pocketnow Smart Home Series

Pocketnow Smart Home: the pros and cons of Nest

In recent years, our phones have evolved into the “universal remote control”…

Nest Cam, new Nest app leak in advance of next week’s announcement

Get an early look at the Nest Cam, the new wireless camera expected to make its debut at next week’s Nest event.