Qualcomm asks Broadcom for more money, fewer risks to continue considering acquisition

Something about Qualcomm and Broadcom’s most recent meeting made the prospective seller think there was still room for negotiation, despite the buyer’s apparent unwillingness to further sweeten the deal.

Qualcomm and Broadcom met yesterday amid tense veil of acquisition

How serious is Broadcom in its attempts to acquire Qualcomm? And how would it run the company? Both entities sat in a room for two hours to size each other up.

T-Mobile and Sprint’s long-rumored merger may not be announced until ‘mid or late November’

Contrary to previous reports, T-Mobile and Sprint will likely not come together to announce merger intentions this month either.

Apple joins long list of interested Toshiba chip business buyers/investors

The potential-brimming chip division of the otherwise struggling Toshiba Corporation has reportedly attracted Apple’s interest now.