Oppo N3 Review: lots of innovation, lots of opportunity
Watch our full review of one of the most iconic devices to date, the Oppo N3, as we go through a couple of months of use with its design and its camera.
Oppo N3 hands-on (Video)
Wondering just how good the newly-announced Oppo N3 is? We have just the video for you: our Oppo N3 hands-on, straight from Singapore!
Oppo teases additional phone for next week’s launch event
We’re expecting Oppo to launch the N3 next week, and now a second handset may be joining it, as revealed in this new Oppo smartphone teaser.
Oppo N3 price leaks along with new camera details
Learn what the latest rumors suggest the Oppo N3 price will be, and also enjoy a preview at the motorized camera we’re expecting this guy to have.
Another Android OEM may be just about to launch a VR headset
What’s Oppo up to with this seeming Oppo VR headset? Is it an N3 accessory? Will it work with other phones? We can’t wait to find out.