Oppo N3 Review: lots of innovation, lots of opportunity

Watch our full review of one of the most iconic devices to date, the Oppo N3, as we go through a couple of months of use with its design and its camera.

Barcelona and beyond through the camera of the Oppo N3

Learn more about our experience using the camera of the Oppo N3 in our recent trip to Barcelona, Andorra, and other settings at MWC 2015
OPPO N3 commercial

OPPO N3 ad promotes motorized camera, mocks others

The new OPPO N3 ad promotes the motorized swivelling camera on the device, while mocking the competition and its users. How many other phones can you spot?

Oppo N3 unboxing (video)

Sit back and watch our Oppo N3 unboxing, an unboxing which we’re sure will offer you a great experience should you buy this N3, or any other Oppo phone for that matter.

Oppo N3 vs Oppo Find 7a – Quick show floor comparison

Watch our quick show floor comparison of the Oppo N3 vs the Oppo Find 7a, two very similar flagship devices, that also have a lot of differences.

Why Oppo deserves more credit than it gets

With a motorized articulating camera, the Oppo N3 is a remarkably interesting device. Learn why, unfortunately, it will never reach its true potential.

Oppo N3 hands-on (Video)

Wondering just how good the newly-announced Oppo N3 is? We have just the video for you: our Oppo N3 hands-on, straight from Singapore!

Oppo N3 specs: the metal monster goes under the microscope

We were curious what makes Oppo’s metal monster tick, so we compiled a full list of Oppo N3 specs – check all of them out right here.

Oppo announces N3 and R5 smartphones at Singapore event

We’ve got official word out of Singapore today, as the Oppo N3 and Oppo R5 have just officially broken cover. Allow us to fill you in on what’s new.

Oppo teases additional phone for next week’s launch event

We’re expecting Oppo to launch the N3 next week, and now a second handset may be joining it, as revealed in this new Oppo smartphone teaser.

Oppo N3 price leaks along with new camera details

Learn what the latest rumors suggest the Oppo N3 price will be, and also enjoy a preview at the motorized camera we’re expecting this guy to have.

Another Android OEM may be just about to launch a VR headset

What’s Oppo up to with this seeming Oppo VR headset? Is it an N3 accessory? Will it work with other phones? We can’t wait to find out.

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Latest Oppo N3 leak reveals a new hardware feature

It looks like an Oppo N3 fingerprint scanner will be waiting for us on the upcoming Android flagship.

Oppo N3 camera to be 16 megapixel with a bigger 1/2.3-inch sensor

Learn more about the Oppo N3, as the company’s CEO has decided to visit Weibo and spill some of the reasons why you’ll find this device to be hot.

Oppo finally shows us the N3’s rotating camera

Get the first official look at the Oppo N3 camera, which sure seems like it’s going to follow in the rotating footsteps of the original N1.

Oppo teases N3 launch for last week in October

Oppo is sharing more and more N3 details, most recently teasing the Oppo N3 launch date.

Just how bizarre is the Oppo N3’s camera going to be?

Crazy enough to be real, or just plain crazy? Take a look at the unusual design showing up in a claimed Oppo N3 camera render.

Oppo confirms N3 exotic alloy speculation, additional material option

It looks like we have confirmation for those rumors about a super-light Oppo N3 alloy from earlier this week.

Latest Oppo N3 teaser hints at exotic body materials

Could Oppo give its next flagship a space-aged metal body? See what the latest Oppo N3 teaser has us thinking.

Oppo N3 event teased for October; leaked renders are hot

Learn more about the Oppo N3, the company’s new swivel-camera design for a smartphone. Last year it was focused on the mid-tier market. Let’s see this year.

Oppo rumored to unveil the N1 successor in October

Learn more about the possible announcement of a new Oppo smartphone in October. It seems this is the successor to the Oppo N1, but the name is odd.