NOA N7 and NOA N1

NOA N7 and N1 hands-on at MWC 2018 (video)

Croatian smartphone manufacturer NOA didn’t just bring its notched N10 prototype handset to MWC 2018. The company also launched two more design-savvy, ultra-widescreen, dual-camera phones, the mid-range N7 and lower-end N1.

ZTE Nubia Z11 moves to India December 14 along with N1

One’s a worthy flagship for 2016, the other is an enduring mid-ranger. Both will reportedly be priced at fair points when they launch.

You know that looming Nokia D1C ‘smartphone’? It’s actually a 13.8-inch tablet

We’re afraid you’ll have to wait a little more for concrete proof of next-gen Nokia phone specs, as the D1C turns out to be a huge tablet.

ZTE Nubia N1 debuts with little fanfare, huge battery, premium build, and low price

The Nubia Z11 might be the overall flagship, but the ZTE Nubia N1 is hands down the battery champion, as well as an all-around bargain.

The Nokia N1: Before Play services

“We’re waiting on Google Play services to come for this device.” Sure,…

Nokia N1 unboxing and preview (Video)

Finland’s latest is a sandblasted aluminum tablet running Android and taking names – and it just landed at our door. Join us for our Nokia N1 unboxing!

Apple Android trade-in, T-Mobile Uncarrier 9, HTC Uh-Oh | Pocketnow Weekly 140

As if every firm in mobile slashing prices to force their gadgets into your hands wasn’t enough, HTC and “Uncarrier 9.0” are shaking things up once more.

Nokia N1 first impressions from MWC 2015 (Video)

We had a chance to meet with Nokia at Mobile World Congress 2015 and were able to get a Nokia N1 hands-on video opportunity. Our thoughts are here!

Polaroid Selfie phone with rotating camera draws Oppo’s wrath

The Polaroid Selfie phone has an Oppo-N1-style rotating camera – and it’s so close a match that Oppo’s considering legal action.

Nokia N1 pre-orders open, tablet arrives later this month

The first Nokia N1 pre-orders have opened, with the tablet arriving in just about three weeks.

Nokia’s Android tablet gets an ETA for very early 2015

When will we see the Nokia N1 tablet release, when sales can begin? It could be as early as the first few days of the new year.

Am I the only one who doesn’t want a Nokia N1?

The Nokia N1 tablet exploded the internet with promises of premium hardware and fanciful software. So why do I see an iPad clone with a gimmicky launcher?

Nokia N1 tablet specs: 64-bit, 2K display, Android Lollipop

Is Nokia’s new tablet an iPad mini 3 killer? Take a look at the Nokia N1 tablet specs and judge for yourself.

Nokia N1 announced, the company’s first Android tablet

The Nokia N1 announced today is a tablet which is powered by Google’s Android, has decent specs, and an iPad-ish outline. Do you like it?

Why Oppo deserves more credit than it gets

With a motorized articulating camera, the Oppo N3 is a remarkably interesting device. Learn why, unfortunately, it will never reach its true potential.

Oppo rumored to unveil the N1 successor in October

Learn more about the possible announcement of a new Oppo smartphone in October. It seems this is the successor to the Oppo N1, but the name is odd.

Oppo N1 Mini gets announced, and yes, it’s big

Oppo has done a good job in keeping itself on our radar…

Oppo makes killer phones, but it still means little for the U.S.

Oppo, a China-based manufacturer makes compelling smartphones which aren’t typically available in the US. Will we ever see Oppo in the US, officially?

Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition goes up for sale; any takers?

Will you be among the first to buy the Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition, the first smartphone with manufacturer-official CM support?

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Oppo N1 availability: December 10, $599 or €449

We’ve got official news concerning the Oppo N1 availability: it will arrive on December 10, and will set you back $599 or €449, depending on your region.

Limited Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition ships next month

Find out how the new Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition differs from the regular N1, itself with official CyanogenMod support.

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Oppo launches the N1, complete with CyanogenMod option

Learn all about what was revealed at the Oppo N1 launch, including its ROM options and weird rotating camera.

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