Xiaomi silently plans to attend MWC 2018, which could mean Mi 7 Barcelona intro
We may be getting a little ahead of ourselves here, but it’s possible Xiaomi will stop by Barcelona next month for a Mi 7 MWC 2018 launch.
Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ jointly win ‘Best Smartphone’ title at 2017 Asia Mobile Awards
The GSM Association sure loves its Samsung gear, naming the Galaxy S8/S8+ duo as the new gold standard in Asia Pacific smartphone excellence.
MWC 2017 wrap-up: what *did* we just see?
The Nokia 3310 was not MWC. It was nowhere near the story of MWC. Huawei, LG, BlackBerry and Samsung led in Barcelona and we’ve got the in-betweens, too.
LG G6, Samsung Galaxy Book, Huawei P10 impressions & more – MWC 2017 recap (Video)
Our exclusive MWC 2017 coverage ends with a video recap of the show’s most interesting announcements, LG G6, Huawei P10 and Samsung Galaxy Book included.
Samsung Galaxy S8 news overload: more live pics, pre-order start date, MWC 2017 demo
Reportedly impressive behind closed MWC doors, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 may kick off pre-orders on April 10, but not before we check out more leaked photos.
The MWC 2017 wrap-up we would’ve done in Barcelona, but… | #PNWeekly 242
…but that didn’t get to happen. So, our show for you this week comes with special guest Enobong Etteh and goes from Moto to Sony to Huawei.
Sony Xperia XZ Premium named best new smartphone at MWC 2017
Is it surprising to see the GSMA hand out the award for best new smartphone at MWC 2017 to the Sony Xperia XZ Premium? Not if you followed the trade show.
LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Quick MWC 2017 comparison (Video)
The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is old, and the LG G6 runs non-final software. But our preliminary MWC 2017 comparison finds many similarities.
These new Lenovo Yoga 720 and 520 convertibles are pricey, but with good reason
This year’s Mobile World Congress may have wrapped up on a high note for Windows 10 convertibles, with the powerful new Lenovo Yoga 720 and 520.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge follows S6 Edge in taking top Glomo Awards honors
According to the GSM Association, the organizer of the Mobile World Congress, last year’s best smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
TCL has own-brand phones, at least two more BlackBerries, and maybe even Palm stuff on the way
China’s TCL is looking to further ramp up its smartphone-producing efforts this year, with own-brand, BlackBerry and… Palm hardware?!
HP Pro x2 612 G2 convertible tablet targets mobile professionals with robust design
A refreshed HP Pro x2 has been unveiled at MWC 2017, and made available stateside for $979 and up with Windows 10, optional keyboard and Wacom Pen.
Meizu Super mCharge tech will fill up a 3,000 mAh battery in 20 minutes… someday
The MWC 2017-unveiled Meizu Super mCharge smartphone fast-charging solution may soon put Quick Charge 3.0 or VOOC to absolute shame.
LG Mobile president talks G6 price, mass appeal and its logo
The phone will sell for the equivalent of $800 in Korea, the highest LG has has priced a G-series device. Will its charm offensive work on the audience?
Innovative OPPO 5x dual camera zoom smartphone tech gets early MWC 2017 preview
Far from ready for primetime inside an actual commercial product, OPPO 5x dual camera zoom technology moves one step closer to a sleek execution.
Gionee A1 and A1 Plus are ‘super selfie, super battery’ new Nougat smartphones
With eye-catching front cameras, all-day (and beyond) batteries, FHD screens and Nougat, it’s not hard for the Gionee A1 and A1 Plus to shine at MWC 2017.
That surprising Sony Xperia XZ Premium is apparently the first commercial Snapdragon 835 phone
Is the Galaxy S8 running out of buzz and wow factor now that the Sony Xperia XZ Premium is confirmed to roll out first with Snapdragon 835 inside?
Four Lenovo Tab 4 Android slates break cover at MWC 2017 with options for the entire family
Ranging from dirt-cheap to relatively inexpensive, and from low to mid-end, the Android-powered Lenovo Tab 4 quartet targets both kids and parents.
Sony Xperia XZ Premium comes with 4K HDR display, Motion Eye camera, Snapdragon 835
The surprisingly hot new Sony Xperia XZ Premium tries to make 4K screen resolution happen again, packing a lot of impressive technologies… on paper.
ZTE Blade V8 Mini and Lite are, amazingly, two different phones
The Blade V8 Lite is as diet as you can get for a whole-device experience in 2017 while the Blade V8 Mini has its camera for graces.
Sony’s alphabet starts with Xperia XA1 Ultra and XA1 at MWC 2017
Last year’s Xperia XA was tailored as an entry-level gateway for Sony’s Android experience. Year 2 of the “X” experiment and the gateway’s blown wide open.
TCL turns on the bright lights for the Alcatel A5 LED at MWC 2017
It’s a clear, shining star for Alcatel’s mid-ranger trio in Barcelona this year. the Alcatel U5 and A3 trade spec blows for affordability.
The whole world is officially invited to witness the March 29 Galaxy S8 ‘Unpacking’ in NYC
It’s official, ladies and gents – a Samsung Galaxy S8 (or two) with super-slim bezels is coming to New York City on March 29.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 first look at MWC 2017 (Video)
The MWC 2017-unveiled Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 looks decidedly swanky at a first glance, taking after the Galaxy S7, and that keyboard cover feels decent too.
Nokia 6 tops the bill at MWC 2017, Nokia 3 and 5 keep up the low-end
HMD Global stakes its claim in the Android game: pure and simple software like Google to ensure fast security updates and delivery of core Google features.