Xiaomi silently plans to attend MWC 2018, which could mean Mi 7 Barcelona intro
We may be getting a little ahead of ourselves here, but it’s possible Xiaomi will stop by Barcelona next month for a Mi 7 MWC 2018 launch.
Xiaomi has no plans to attend MWC 2017, Mi 6 coming out later than expected
After making its all-time CES debut earlier this month, Xiaomi will surprisingly play hooky at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in late February.
S7 versus G5 at MWC 2016 | Pocketnow Weekly 189
Samsung and LG have debuted their leading and competing options for Android smartphones this year at MWC. Listen to us yap and see what you think about them.
Rumored LG G5 Lite is actually the Snapdragon 652-powered G5 for Latin America
Unlike the Snapdragon 820-based LG G5 most of us are getting, there’s also a Snapdragon 652 LG G5 hitting Latin America.
LG G5 trumps Samsung Galaxy S7 to earn GSMA’s top MWC 2016 honor
The GSM Association has spoken – the best new device unveiled at MWC 2016 isn’t the Samsung Galaxy S7, but rather the LG G5.
Will more manufacturers deliver mid-range phones following Sony?
Sony looks like it will walk away from high end flagship smartphones. Will other manufacturers follow in those footsteps with mid-range phones?
Samsung Charm wearable debuts at MWC with minimal fanfare, stylish design
The Samsung Charm is promoted as “a new type of wearable”, but it has little going for it besides a swanky appearance.
Sailfish OS 2.0 and the Fairphone 2 hands-on (Video)
We’re looking at both a modular smartphone and Jolla’s Sailfish OS in our MWC 2016 Fairphone 2 video.
Ubuntu Phone hands-on: giving Microsoft’s Continuum a run for its money (Video)
We check out how a Linux-based phone can pull its own Microsoft Continuum-style tricks in our MWC 2016 Ubuntu Phone video.
LG X screen & LG X cam hands-on: flagship features go mid-range (Video)
We’ve got new mid-rangers on the mind as we swing by LG’s MWC booth for our LG X cam video hands-on.
Sony Xperia Z3 review
Sony goes official with flagship family retirement: ‘The Xperia Z line has reached its culmination’
Sony’s got a new direction for its Android smartphones as rumors of Sony Xperia Z retirement go official.
LG 2016 hardware: no new Nexus phone, but plans for return of canceled smartwatch
According to a report citing an LG spokesman, we won’t be getting any new LG Nexus phone in 2016.
Huawei wants to overtake Apple in 3 years tops, Samsung by 2021
Huawei doesn’t want to settle for third place in the global smartphone vendor ranks, aiming for Apple’s second spot by 2019, and Samsung’s first by 2021.
Relax, everybody, there’s an easy way to bring back the app drawer on the LG G5
The LG G5 doesn’t feature an app drawer or tray by default, but as it turns out, enabling it is a piece of cake.
Xiaomi Mi 5 goes official with Snapdragon 820, up to 4GB RAM, fingerprint sensor
The highly anticipated Xiaomi Mi 5 is finally official, and it’s set to cost as little as $305 with Snapdragon 820 processing power.
Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge: water resistance returns (video)
After Samsung focused on aesthetics last year, they’re bringing back water resistance and a larger battery this year for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Here’s our video hardware tour!
Samsung Gear 360 hands-on: the future of video recording? (Video)
VR is the hottest thing around right now, but VR content isn’t going to make itself. We check out Samsung’s new creation tool in our hands-on Samsung Gear 360 video.
VAIO Phone Biz hands-on: the sleek Windows smartphone you (probably) can’t get (Video)
Unless you live in Japan you won’t be buying this metal Windows 10 smartphone, but we still wanted to go hands-on for a VAIO Phone Biz video.
FREETEL Musashi & Kiwami: hands-on and US-bound (Video)
We’re checking in with the new FREETEL Musashi & Kiwami in our latest MWC 2016 hands-on video.
Galaxy S7 teardown shows off new heat pipe, waterproofing measures
Take a look at what makes Samsung’s latest flagship tick in a very early Galaxy S7 teardown.
Cyanogen introduces bizarrely named MOD platform for even deeper Android customization
Still a little confused as to the differences between Cyanogen and CyanogenMod? Gear up for more confusion, as Cyanogen Inc. launches MOD.
OPPO revolutionizes smartphone cameras with SmartSensor stabilization
A new optical image stabilization technology dubbed SmartSensor proves once again OPPO is one of the smartphone industry’s major photography innovators.
OPPO phones will soon be able to fully charge in 15 minutes with Super VOOC tech
OPPO appears to be delivering on its promise of wowing the world at MWC, with the fastest smartphone charging tech around.
New Panasonic Toughpads ruggedize Android and Windows 10 Mobile
Panasonic seems to think it has the answer for enterprise in providing two versions of its Toughpad: one for Android fans, the other for WIndows lifers.
Apple ex-CEO John Sculley’s Obi Worldphone introduces new $140 MV1
The new Obi Worldphone MV1 from ex-Apple CEO John Sculley’s firm offers mid-range specs with a budget price – while not looking like a budget phone.