Nokia XL

Hacking a Nokia X can turn it into a real Android

The Nokia X looks like some sort of Windows Phone knock-off, but buried underneath is another OS. Here’s how to turn your Nokia X into a real Android.

MWC 2014: everything we got to see

Now that the 2014 Mobile World Congress has drawn to a close, we’re taking a look back on a week full of new devices, with our MWC 2014 wrap-up.

First MHL 3.0 compatible phones and tablets are on their way

See what Sony’s doing to bring MHL 3.0 4K support to its newest phones and tablets.
Secure Blackphone

How secure could Blackphone really be?

Not long ago if you said your surfing & calls were being monitored, you’d have been called crazy. Not so now, which brought about the secure Blackphone.

Pocketnow Bloopers – episode 6, MWC 2014 bloopers edition (Video)

Our MWC 2014 bloopers video continues our series in which we’re showing you how difficult, but fun, it is to be on-site and shoot videos.

Has Sony learned its lesson? Early analysis praises Xperia Z2 display quality

Find out why the Sony Xperia Z2 display quality is sounding like it will be a huge improvement over earlier models.

Pocketnow Weekly 085: MWC 2014 wrap-up from Team Barcelona

All the news from Barcelona, brought to you by the guys reporting on it: the Pocketnow Weekly is back with MWC 2014 Samsung, Sony, Nokia news & more!

The best of MWC 2014, from afar

Now that Mobile World Congress has officially closed, it’s time to reflect on the show. This is the best of MWC 2014, through the eyes of Pocketnow editors.

ZTE Nubia Z5S Mini hands-on (Video)

Will the ZTE Nubia Z5S Mini have what it take to be a real mid-range contender? We go hands-on with the phone at MWC 2014 to find out.

YotaPhone 2014 hands-on (Video)

Is the second-gen YotaPhone ready to capture the attention of the world’s smartphone fans? Watch our new YotaPhone video to see the handset in action.

Is fitness the future of wearables?

Watches have evolved from basic timekeepers to app-wielding gadgets. Now the focus is turning from information presentation, to fitness and health.

The YotaPhone 2 is awesome, but it won’t be forever

Yota Devices announced the YotaPhone 2 at MWC, an innovative expansion on the original that I want right now. But I won’t be able to buy one till 2015.
Moto G

This is why budget smartphones matter: Moto G is Motorola’s “most successful” model to date

Learn just how large an effect the Moto G’s incredibly low price is having on Motorola’s Moto G success.

Samsung announces new Exynos chips, camera sensors, more

Discover the two new new Exynos chips from Samsung, as well as its latest ISOCELL image sensors and other new silicon.
New HTC Desire

HTC’s new Desires finally live up to the name

For most of us, the HTC Desire lineup hasn’t been all that desirable. Now, fresh out of MWC, two new HTC desire models are finally living up to their name.

The Galaxy S 5: more of the same

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S 5 at its Unpacked event yesterday to mixed reactions. Is the Galaxy S 5 disappointing? Read why we’re not fully impressed.

BlackBerry launches Q20 and Z3 BB10 handsets

Learn what to expect form the just-announced BlackBerry Q20, as well as the Z3 for Indonesia.

The Galaxy S 5’s fingerprint scanner is basically invisible – which may be just as well

Samsung’s new flagship is feature-packed, but the Galaxy S 5 fingerprint scanner recalls an older, less-creative Samsung. And that memory isn’t a good one.

GSMA 2014 Global Mobile Awards announced; HTC, Nokia, Apple come out on top

Discover with smartphone companies came out on top of the GSMA 2014 Global Mobile Awards.

LG G Pro 2 vs Galaxy Note 3: hands-on comparison (Video)

Will the new entry from LG have what it takes to dethrone Samsung’s reigning leader? Watch our LG G Pro 2 vs Galaxy Note 3 video to see how they compare.

LG L Series III L35, L40, L65, L70, and L90: hands-on comparison (Video)

Check out the new LG L Series III hands-on with our comparison video, looking at the L35, L40, L65, L70, and L90 Androids.

Blackphone hands-on (Video)

Our own Jaime Rivera takes you through the ins and outs of paying $630 for privacy with this Blackphone hands-on.

Lenovo MWC 2014 overview (Video)

Tablets, smartphones, and mobile gear galore: see all the new stuff from Lenovo with our Lenovo MWC 2014 overview video.

HTC Desire 816 vs Galaxy Note 3: hands-on comparison (Video)

See how HTC’s new phablet measures-up to Samsung’s heavyweight in our HTC Desire 816 vs Galaxy Note 3 comparison video.

HTC Desire 816 vs One, One Max, and One Mini: hands-on comparison (Video)

See how the new Desire compares in size to the One series with our HTC Desire 816 vs One, One Max, and One Mini video.