Martian Watches terminates ‘all operations’ before fulfilling its Kickstarter promises

The small but ambitious 2007-founded Martian Watches company has recently shut down its operations after desperately trying to find funds to stay afloat. Unfortunately, very few mVoice G2 units have been shipped.

Martian mVoice smartwatches pick up Amazon Alexa voice support with software update

It feels more than fitting for the aptly named Martian mVoice smartwatch lineup to support over 5,000 Amazon Alexa voice “skills.”

Martian mVoice and Kindred Smartwatches Hands-On (Video)

Martian’s products aren’t the typical smartwatches out there, but they do have save you from your phone. The company’s portfolio is growing at CES 2016.

Huge collection of Martian smartwatches and smart jewelry debuts at CES 2016

US-based wearable manufacturer Martian Watches is making quite the splash at CES 2016 with a full range of hybrid new timepieces and smart bracelets.