New T-Mobile extends wholesale data pricing lock-in, won’t on consumer pricing

If Sprint and T-Mobile are allowed to merge, prospective CEO John Legere would allow smaller carriers to use its network at current rates forever.

Project Fi is dead, long live Google Fi with support for iPhones and more Android devices

Want to take your phone onto Google’s wireless network? Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Nokia, Essential Phones and, yes, iPhones are now being accepted.

Project Fi may accept iPhone and other Android phones soon

Google may officially adopt iPhones, Sony phones, Samsung Galaxy phones and even OnePlus phones soon with a huge network-side upgrade.

Investor raise odds of success for Sprint/T-Mobile merger

As the perceived odds go up, stakeholders who are at risk from the impacts of a merger are staking their positions at the FCC.

iPhones on Mint Mobile finally get Wi-Fi calling, texting, VoLTE

Some networking features will make using iPhones on this prepaid carrier a little more fresh like calls over LTE or Wi-Fi and texting on Wi-Fi.

Super-cheap UNREAL Mobile service now available for GSM phones

After only supporting a limited number of devices fitted for Sprint, the new prepaid carrier can now accept most unlocked phones.

Spectrum Mobile begins service with similar terms to Xfinity Mobile

Just like Comcast’s own Xfinity Mobile, the service is offer on top of Verizon’s LTE network and a mesh of free Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation.

Xfinity Mobile restricting hotspot and streaming video speeds

Comcast is pulling the purse strings tight on cellular data partly, we presume, to make up costs to Verizon for access to its network and also for profit.

UNREAL Mobile decides to undercut Sprint Unlimited Kickstart with $10 unlimited data

Sprint’s deal for switchers was low, sweet and so far gone. So, what’s left for bargain seekers in the cellular space? FreedomPop’s UNREAL Mobile, perhaps.

Get $100 in Project Fi credit if you’re pre-ordering the LG G7 ThinQ or V35 ThinQ

The $100 goes to more than a month’s worth of service on the Google carrier, but if you’re thinking the prices on these phones are steep, there are options.

SK Telink will sell iPhone 3GS later this month

The South Korean carrier recently unearthed a whole crate of iPhone 3GS devices that never got sold. They’re now $40 apiece.

Sprint quickly ending $15 Unlimited Kickstart promo after surge of demand

The promotion will have only lasted about one week. Sprint originally messaged its intention for it to last for a good part of the summer.

Sprint pre-empts MVNO with its own $15 Unlimited Kickstart plan

The carrier may be fighting against FreedomPop and a new project it is launching that also aims to run $15 a month unlimited data plans.

Project Fi accounts allowing kids under 13 in through Family Link

Project Fi is now allowing kids to hop into their parents’ accounts while parents keep tabs on their app and data usage through the Family Link app.

This Snapdragon is over 1000! | #PNWeekly 307

There’s probably a Snapdragon 1000 on the way and you might want to stick around and see where it will appear. Also, the Pixel 3 will be made by Google… for reals… sorta.

Project Fi gets LG V35, G7 ThinQ, Moto G6

Google’s carrier finally swings a few more phones that aren’t of its own make. They join last year’s Android One Moto X4.

UNREAL Mobile exploits Sprint/T-Mobile merger to offer unlimited data at $15 per month

Prepaid operators are concerned about wholesale data prices from the big players going up with the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. FreedomPop wants to poke a hole in that fear.

Republic Wireless launches Relay cellular walkie-talkie sales

The carrier intends for kids to connect with their parents more, not to a screen full of games, distractions and harmful content. It’s low-maintenance and relatively low cost.

Verizon surreptitiously launches Visible, a prepaid carrier

It’s in early access and requires a code to join in for $40 per month service. There’s unlimited data, but with some asterisks.

Google’s Project Fi now supports more than 170 international destinations

That’s an addition of at least 30 territories to the list. Project Fi subscribers are also able to get notified of upcoming travel support.

Class action complaints filed against Google claim Project Fi trickery, OG Pixel defects

Google is in a bit of a legal pickle due to alleged violations of competition and advertising laws with Project Fi, as well as well-documented microphone flaws on first-gen Pixel phones.

Project Fi Bill Protection caps monthly costs at $80 for individuals

If you can live with throttling after 15GB of usage in a month, Google’s MVNO isn’t providing too bad of a deal here. Individuals will only be charged for the first 6GB on a prorated basis.

Android One Moto X4 now receiving Oreo

Google’s Project Fi announced that the over-the-air update is now being distributed in waves and in time for the end of the year.

Project Fi giving free Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi for the holidays

And customers are getting it from a yeti that cares. The Google MVNO has released a companion mini-game for people to enjoy with the free Wi-Fi.

Project Fi wants you to “Fi it Forward” for the holidays

The Google carrier is giving away Chromecasts and Moto X4 devices this holiday season and is also donating to storm relief.