Wynk Music becomes #1 music streaming app in India

Reportedly Wynk Music has most daily active users (DAUs) in India, beating the likes of Spotify, JioSaavn, and Apple Music.

Report: Amazon preparing high fidelity music streaming service

A recent report details alleged Amazon plans to launch a high-fidelity music streaming service to take on Tidal and others.

Spotify gets last word against Apple for now in European complaint

The Swedish company said that Apple’s response to its complaint goes to the “belief that Spotify’s users on iOS are Apple customers,” not Spotify’s.

Spotify complains to EU about Apple’s “app tax” and platform monopoly

The music streaming company wants Apple to lay off interfering in its customer service, marketing and the payment systems it chooses to use.

Free Hulu for Spotify Premium planholders available through June

Those who are paying for ad-free Spotify can get free ad-supported Hulu content if they link up accounts within the next three months.

Apple Music being promoted in iOS push notifications — against App Store guidelines

Just because Apple makes the iPhone you use doesn’t mean you should be left with push notifications bothering you to subscribe to Apple Music.

Senators confront FCC on carriers throttling streaming video

Lawmakers want answers as to if the nation’s wireless networks are throttling their customers’ streaming video without proper disclosure or even reason.

This is the first Spotify earnings report with net income

It plans to continue growing its user base, subscriber base and through acquisitions… but Spotify has no expectations of making money this year.

Spotify announces Gimlet acquisition, also buys Anchor podcast company

Spotify hsa boosted its podcast creds with the buyout of Gimlet, a big-time content producer, and Anchor, a distribution and adserve platform.

Research house estimates Spotify added 2 million subscribers last quarter

The Swedish music streaming platform is perceived to be facing growth challenges, but patterns seen by one market research firm say otherwise.

Google discontinues Chromecast Audio

After a prolonged discount period, the only places you’ll probably find a Chromecast Audio are your big box spots and peer-to-peer marketplaces.

Spotify and Wixen settle $1.6 billion lawsuit

Spotify is working on paying money to the people who deserve the credit in making all of the music you stream from Spotify.

Beta version of Apple Music expands to Android tablets

Those who have signed up for the beta program for the Apple Music Android app can now use it on their tablets all prim and properly.

Amazon Echo speakers will get Apple Music next month

Apple Music services will soon be available in all Amazon Echo smart speakers with Alexa so you can listen to your favorite songs

Spotify expanding in Middle East, Africa, maybe even India

With more than 1 billion potential customers in the subcontinent, Spotify will have an uphill challenge when it starts from zero.

Spotify Connect soon to let free users play music from smart speakers

Smart speaker developers will be able to allow Spotify free tier users to direct their streaming from their PC or phone to their speaker.

Spotify prepares app for Apple Watch and there’s no offline support

The beta stack has been updated to show that Spotify is indeed working on a watchOS app, but it’ll have to navigate a few challenges.

Spotify has new Wear OS app, same dependence on phone

The app is not described to allow Premium users to download songs for offline playback and isn’t clear if LTE watches can stream music directly.

Garmin brings Spotify playlist downloads to the Fenix 5 Plus

One of the most prominent names in fitness wearables has made an app for one of the biggest names in streaming music. And it’s available right now for free.

Apple keeps Shazam accessible for all, takes off ads

As it announced the closing of the acquisition, Apple also told users it would no longer run ads in the music-identifying app.

Spotify and Apple Music reach 51M paid subscribers in the US

Spotify and Apple Music clearly dominate the music streaming business in the United States, and they will only keep on growing more powerful

Spotify download limit lifted to 10,000 songs on 5 devices

The Spotify download limit for offline listening has been quietly lifted, a company spokesperson told the Rolling Stone magazine.

Sprint Unlimited Premium is $90 a month with Amazon Prime, Hulu, Tidal, big hotspot

Sprint had already offered these tie-ins with auxiliary services in one way or another, but not at this discounted price and with big data bonuses.

Even if you’re not a Costco member, this Spotify deal’s great!

Only every so often do you come across an annual deal for Spotify. This one’s from Costco and even though there’s a surcharge for non-members, it’s good.

T-Mobile goes Rock Star with free Pandora Plus and guaranteed concert tickets

The Pandora Plus subscription will last for a year while the Live Nation partnership, with big discounts on tickets, will go on for a few years.