Wynk Music becomes #1 music streaming app in India
Reportedly Wynk Music has most daily active users (DAUs) in India, beating the likes of Spotify, JioSaavn, and Apple Music.
Report: Amazon preparing high fidelity music streaming service
A recent report details alleged Amazon plans to launch a high-fidelity music streaming service to take on Tidal and others.
Apple tries to grow Apple Music market share by offering second trial
You can get a second 3-month Apple Music trial for free if you receive a push notification on your phone like the ones we see here.
John Legend’s latest music video shot entirely with Pixel 2
Google talked with John Legend about the making the music video for “A Good Night” using the Pixel 2. Can you tell it was Google conducting this interview?
Apple announces it has bought Shazam
The deal is reported to be worth about $400 million, well below the $1 billion the UK-based music recognition company was valued at in 2015.
Fiio X5 vs LG V20: Should you use a dedicated music player?
If you really care about high quality audio, should you use a dedicated media player instead of a smartphone? Here’s our Fiio X5 vs LG V20 showdown!
Spotify Hi-Fi price and feature tests go out on social media
Spotify Hi-Fi, as far as we know, has all of the features of Spotify Premium, but takes up streaming quality to lossless and give incentives to get vinyl.
Apple iPhone 7: 24 hours later – Lightning Connector Headphone Quality
Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. Does this new connection method improve your sound? Let’s look at Lightning Connector headphone quality!
Top 5 Audio Smartphones (of the first half) of 2016
Which phones offer up the best overall audio experience? From speakers to headphones, here’s our top 5 audio smartphones of 2016 (so far)!
Smartphone speakers are finally clear; now it’s time for them to get loud
Sound clarity is great, but it’s not everything. That’s why smartphones with loud speakers should be the next big focus of mobile manufacturers.
The iPod-Free Life: Android Phone As Media Player
Something interesting happened to me early this year: I started hating my iPod. So when it decayed to the point where even the music player app wouldn’t stay running long enough to play a single album without crashing, I knew it was time to think about returning to a one-device lifestyle. For that, I chose an Android phone.