Report: Amazon preparing high fidelity music streaming service

A recent report details alleged Amazon plans to launch a high-fidelity music streaming service to take on Tidal and others.

Apple tries to grow Apple Music market share by offering second trial

You can get a second 3-month Apple Music trial for free if you receive a push notification on your phone like the ones we see here.

You will soon be able to block unwanted artists on Spotify

It seems you will no longer have to worry about getting unwanted music or artists playing in your Spotify playlists with a possible new feature

John Legend’s latest music video shot entirely with Pixel 2

Google talked with John Legend about the making the music video for “A Good Night” using the Pixel 2. Can you tell it was Google conducting this interview?

Best Buy to drop CD sales July 1 while Target may only pay labels per sale

Two of the last bastions of physical media for music are reportedly loosening their grips on the CD as the downloads era gives way to streaming.

Beats co-founder and Apple Music head Jimmy Iovine may want to leave the company

With no apparent connection to Apple Music’s popularity and growth potential, Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine is reportedly prepping his departure from Cupertino.

Apple announces it has bought Shazam

The deal is reported to be worth about $400 million, well below the $1 billion the UK-based music recognition company was valued at in 2015.

Shazam may get bought by Apple, announcement expected Monday

The company behind the music recognition app could get worked into a money-making unit of Apple, which has already turned up Beats by Dr. Dre.

Google Assistant can listen out for songs on all devices, but only if you ask

It’s one less step to finding out what’s playing at the party, but this bypass from Shazam and SoundHound has been with Google for much longer.

Microsoft’s Groove Music Pass ending by 2018, subscribers should leap to Spotify

Microsoft’s attempt at a music service for Xbox and Windows users will fizzle out and money will be refunded. Users will have to make bridges to Spotify.

Fiio X5 vs LG V20: Should you use a dedicated music player?

If you really care about high quality audio, should you use a dedicated media player instead of a smartphone? Here’s our Fiio X5 vs LG V20 showdown!

Spotify subtly updates subscriber count to 60 million

The music streaming service has actually stepped up its pace in subscriber gains with 10 million additions made from every 6 months to 5 months.

Getting a Surface Laptop? iTunes Windows Store app incoming

Windows 10 S users will need this app if they want to keep the content on their iPhone or iPod synced up. That’s you, Surface Laptop buyers.

Spotify Premium exclusives coming soon with a two-week lead on free users

The streaming service has signed a license with Universal Music Group which will give Premium users a two-week lead on free users for new music.

Google Play Store celebrates fifth anniversary

The Google Play Store, which replaced the Android Market, is now five years old. And it’s become more than just a smartphone apps store.

Spotify Hi-Fi price and feature tests go out on social media

Spotify Hi-Fi, as far as we know, has all of the features of Spotify Premium, but takes up streaming quality to lossless and give incentives to get vinyl.

No, CeeLo Green was not injured by a Note 7, also bad at shooting selfie video…

CeeLo Green was not injured by a Note 7. This was all just a way to kick off a new media project the artist will be releasing soon. Let’s go viral right?

RIAA: revenue growth best in 20 years thanks to streaming

Downloads may go the way of vinyl and become a super-niche purchase for many consumers. But the trend for streaming’s still upwards and onwards.

Apple iPhone 7: 24 hours later – Lightning Connector Headphone Quality

Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. Does this new connection method improve your sound? Let’s look at Lightning Connector headphone quality!

No mobile VR plans for Sony as it expands from gaming to video content

The PlayStation VR is due out soon and Sony is working to supply its customers with content of all sorts. There’s just nothing in the mobile arena, though.

Asus ZenPad 3S 10 hands on: a thin tablet for multimedia junkies

It’s sleek, it’s shiny, and Asus thinks it’s the right recipe for you music and movie junkies. Here’s our Asus ZenPad 3S 10 first look from IFA 2016!

HTC and Björk aim to reimagine the music video with world’s first VR album

Virtual reality is not just the future of gaming, or so HTC wants to prove by joining forces with artist Björk for the first ever immersive music record.

Top 5 Audio Smartphones (of the first half) of 2016

Which phones offer up the best overall audio experience? From speakers to headphones, here’s our top 5 audio smartphones of 2016 (so far)!

iTunes update incoming to fix issue affecting Apple Music users

Apple is finally addressing a bug that has left Apple Music subscribers bereft of the music on their Macs and has caused trouble in general.

Apple Music isn’t deleting your music … and is deleting your music

It’s not about the reports of users’ music being deleted from their Macs after subscribing to Apple Music. It’s the customer dissatisfaction.