Pocketnow Daily: LG V60 ThinQ is A LOT of Things!(video)
On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the official announcement of the LG V60 ThinQ 5G, a possible leaked video of iOS 14 and more
Possible iOS 14 video leak shows new iPhone multitasking
This could probably be the first look at the new multitasking user interface that may come with the new iOS 14 software update
Folding ZTE Axon M snaps into AT&T lineup
This is the Chinese manufacturer’s first flagship device on an American carrier ever. ZTE hopes it will unfold into a butterfly.
Android O picture-in-picture mode now works with video on Chrome
In our cursory test, Vimeo worked in this mode where you can pop out of Chrome to another app. Going live, though, Twitch didn’t work through Chrome.
Motorola tablet said to make Android really, really productive
It supposedly has a dedicated “Productivity Mode” that will allow users to pin apps to the navigation bar and, perhaps, keep them in active memory.
Philips triggers ASUS smartphone sales injunction in Germany over patent issues
Dutch company Philips is pursuing the Taiwanese company in Germany for infringing a patent concerning the “Recent Apps” screen design on its Android skin.
iPhone 7 Plus multitasking takes advantage of RAM with iOS 10.1 beta
Even with more RAM, the iPhone 7 Plus didn’t really do much better in multitasking than the iPhone 7. Until, supposedly, with the iOS 10.1 beta.
Mac OS X becomes macOS Sierra
When you talk about “OS X,” Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, Craig…
Dock, Activity sharing introduced with watchOS 3
watchOS is getting a bump up to version 3. It will keep…
Take up Android N’s Split Screen mode with two Chrome windows
Have something you want to read from Pocketnow there, but want a CNET article over here? Android N may be able to help soon.
android split-view
How Android can really do split-screen multitasking right
Android tablets are so much more than just big phones – without the phone. So why hasn’t Google implemented split-screen multitasking?
Split View multitasking for all if you jailbreak your iOS 9 device
Apple introduced native multi-pane app tasking to iOS 9 before Android will.…
Three ways Apple’s multitasking beats the competition
By far one of the biggest announcements of WWDC yesterday was when…