Hey Siri

Is Apple working on making Siri multi-user?

A multi-user Siri that recognizes the person talking to it would allow the voice assistant to become even more useful. There’s a patent filed for that.

‘Alternate Appearance’ feature in iOS 12 beta looks a lot like multi-user Face ID support

iOS 12 beta testers can register an “alternate appearance” for Face ID authentication on the iPhone X, which also allows a second user to unlock the device with their face.

No one uses Multi-User accounts on phones (and that’s a good thing)

A popular talking point several years ago, no one seems to use multi-user accounts on phones these days. Are we missing out? No. We are not…
Multi-user support

Do phones need multi-user support?

Our phones can do so much & hold a lot of our personal information. Handing them to another person can be quite concerning. Could multi-user support help?

Why I’d use the heck out of multi-user on Android phones

Android has had multi-user support since version 4.2, but only for tablets. Here are a few ways I’d use the heck out of multi-user support on my smartphone.

Multi-user finally coming to Android phones with release of Android L?

It looks like it’s finally happening; with the release of Android L, Android multi-user support should be extending from tablets to also include phones.
Here's How to Set Up and Use Multi-User on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Here’s How to Set Up and Use Multi-User on Android 4.2 (Video)

Watch how to set up multi-users on Android 4.2, how to switch between those users, how to delete users that you don’t want anymore, and some things to keep in mind before you get too excited.