New movies and TV contents coming to Netflix in August
New movies and TV content is coming to Netflix throughout August and you can find out what’s coming in here
T-Mobile partners with 20th Century Fox to offer $4 tickets to five upcoming movies
Starting next week, T-Mobile customers will be able to score a ticket to five of the year’s biggest 20th Century Fox-produced movies for just $4 a pop on various dates.
Google unsurprisingly names Super Mario Run 2017’s most popular new Android game
Google Play’s US Best of 2017 lists include Super Mario Run in the lead in the new game category, and Photo Editor as the year’s most popular new app.
Android games, apps, movies and books feature on Google’s list of Play Store Black Friday deals
You can get a number of “premium” Android games at up to 80 percent off from Google Play, as well as free Play Music and heavily discounted books.
iTunes movies may stream in 4K and HDR soon to a new Apple TV
Unfortunately, you can’t download files that have been labeled (by mistake at this premature stage) as “Movie (4K, HDR)”.
No mobile VR plans for Sony as it expands from gaming to video content
The PlayStation VR is due out soon and Sony is working to supply its customers with content of all sorts. There’s just nothing in the mobile arena, though.
Asus ZenPad 3S 10 hands on: a thin tablet for multimedia junkies
It’s sleek, it’s shiny, and Asus thinks it’s the right recipe for you music and movie junkies. Here’s our Asus ZenPad 3S 10 first look from IFA 2016!
You can now start sharing stuff within your Google Play Family Library
Apps, games, e-books and movies are now shareable between family and friends on a Google Play account. Google Play Music sharing is in four new markets.
Sanity triumphs as movie theater flip-flops on texting-allowed experiment
AMC is sticking with its existing theater texting ban, and backing down from plans to experiment with text-friendly screenings.
New AMC head: PHONES, in theaters soon
AMC’s new CEO wants “Neflix and Chill” millennials to come to the movies. But he doesn’t want to have to ask them to “please cut off your left arm.”
Here’s Why Microsoft’s Inconspicuous Mode is Destined to Fail
Learn about Microsoft’s Inconspicuous Mode — and why it’s doomed to fail.