Moto Z Camera VS Hasselblad True Zoom MotoMod: Is this really an upgrade?

If you’re going to spend $300 on a modular camera, shouldn’t it outperform the camera built into your phone? Moto Z Camera VS Hasselblad True Zoom MotoMod!

Google Hyperdrives to Andromeda, and Blackberry Black-holes | #PNWeekly 220

Google Hyperdrives to Andromeda! Will Android and Chrome finally merge? Also, no more in-house hardware from Blackberry? #PNWeekly Podcast episode 220!

Moto Z, Moto Z Force, MotoMods First Impressions!

Lenovo and Motorola making a modular phone should be peanut butter jelly time! Here’s our Moto Z, Moto Z Force, MotoMods first impressions video!

Moto Z & Moto Z Force Hands On (Video)

Modular is the new black, and Lenovo wants to beat the LG G5 and its “Friends” with super-convenient MotoMods for the new Moto Z and Z Force.

The Moto Z and Moto Z Force are “SnapPhones”

Lenovo flagged this product as the most important one of today’s launches. It’s the Moto Z, the Moto Z Force and all the MotoMods to snap onto them.

Looks like the Moto Z StyleMods got a premature reveal

HelloMotoHK put up a few pictures of what the Moto Z could look like with a bunch of “StyleMod” back covers in leather and wood flavors.

Press renders crop up to put the spotlight on Moto Z Droid and trio of MotoMods

The Verizon-specific Droid edition of the upcoming Motorola Moto Z and a few of its chaperoning MotoMods accessories are leaked ahead of their announcement.

Blass: Moto X becoming Moto Z

Lenovo is said to be changing its branding for Motorola’s latest and future flagship smartphones as well as the names for some modular accessories.