Unlocked Moto Z3 Play and many more products on sale right now

These are some of the best deals available right now on B&H Photo Video and Amazon, where you can find the Moto Z3 Play and more interesting devices
Moto Z4

Deal alert: Moto phones heavily discounted at B&H for early Black Friday

Huge savings and discounts! Black Friday is still three weeks out, but B&H is kicking it off early, at least for Motorola Moto phones.

Pocketnow’s Holiday Shopping Guide 2018

If for one reason or another you really want to get your loved ones the right phone this Christmas, let us help! Sponsored by the all-new OnePlus 6T.

Motorola’s Android Pie hitlist includes Moto X4, Moto Z2 phones

Moto’s general rules? Two years of OS support for ‘Z’ phones, one for ‘G’ phones. That leaves the Moto X4 in a tight spot.

The Moto Z3 is a lot like the RED Hydrogen One | #PNWeekly 316

There’s a whole bunch of flash conversation going on about how to run ads, Sprint, and also notches, notches, notches. We could use a little scotch.

Unless you’re on Verizon, Moto Z3 Play is only Moto Mods phone in 2018

The Moto Z3 was revealed yesterday to be the last ‘Z’ phone… of this year. Questions about its sustainability have come up.

Moto Z3 Play in Brazil has 6GB RAM configuration

The Moto Z3 Play is pretty darn costly in one of Motorola’s most popular markets, Brazil. Might as well make another option really worth customers’ whiles.

Moto G6 Play launches, joins Moto Z3 Play on Amazon Prime Exclusive series

Both of these Motorola phones have their strengths, but the prices are simply irresistible if you’re on Amazon Prime right now.

Motorola Z3 Play Hands-on

The Moto Z3 Play was just announced. Read on to see our quick initial hands-on and first impressions, as well as our hands-on gallery, specs, and more.

It doesn’t get any clearer than the latest Moto Z3 Play renders

That official Moto Z3 Play announcement has to be right around the corner now that the modular phone is rendered in perfect clarity and great detail.

Two newly leaked Moto Z3 Play images put a spotlight on chunky 5G Moto Mod

Probably the most exciting thing about the fast-approaching Moto Z3 Play smartphone is an optional 5G Moto Mod we can see in a duo of freshly leaked pictures.

Various Moto Z3 Play specs, software tricks and Moto Mods bundles ‘confirmed’ in new report

An internal Lenovo document, verified as legit by a reputable website, further details and confirms the key specifications and features of the upcoming Moto Z3 Play.

Moto Z3 Play CAD renders show thin-bezeled device from all angles

The Moto Z3 Play looks radically different from its predecessor, with substantially thinner screen bezels, no front-mounted fingerprint scanner, dual rear cameras, and no headphone jack.

FCC confirms Moto Z3 Play dimensions and a number of key specs

Even though it’s apparently extremely similar in footprint to the 5.5-inch Z2 Play, the upcoming Moto Z3 Play should sport a significantly larger 6-inch screen or so with razor-thin bezels.

Moto Z3 Play cases ready to be bought

It’s a sign that Motorola has set dimensional grounds for the launch of the Moto Z3. That or the factories have gone mad.

Hopes for Razer Project Linda, crisis at LG Mobile | #PNWeekly 288

On this week’s show: a smartphone-laptop hybrid from Razer could come to market as a show of the company’s newfound dedication to mobile. Plus, is LG going to be releasing a phone this year?

Moto Z3 leaks along with four others in Moto X5, Moto G6 series

That’s six devices displayed with some presentational panache with a seventh device in speculation on the Z3 lineup. More to come over the year, for sure, but a great first look right here.