Moto Z3 Android Pie update enables 5G Moto Mod compatibility
One of the big features in this software update that is not native to Android 9’s kernel improvements is 5G access via unavailable hardware.
Galaxy Flex, Mate Flex, LG G Flex, Flexis Praxis | #PNWeekly 333
Jacklyn Dallas (aka NothingButTech88) joins us to talk about folding phone branding, Black Friday deals and news of future flagships!
Moto Z3 Review
Moto Z4, codenamed “Odin,” could follow same path as Moto Z3
We’ve got a spill on the specs and some interesting notes on how the more things change, the more Moto stays the same. So it goes for a Moto Z3 successor.
Moto Z3 Review
Moto Z3 Review: The Bleeding Edge Paradox (video)
Check out our Moto Z3 review and learn everything there is to know about the phone. It will come with a 5G add-on you can share with friends.
Motorola’s Android Pie hitlist includes Moto X4, Moto Z2 phones
Moto’s general rules? Two years of OS support for ‘Z’ phones, one for ‘G’ phones. That leaves the Moto X4 in a tight spot.
Moto Z3 launch event reactions: 5G when and at what cost?
We tapped the minds of some of our media colleagues to figure out why the Moto Z3 is such a disruptive phone in both good and bad ways.
The Moto Z3 is a lot like the RED Hydrogen One | #PNWeekly 316
There’s a whole bunch of flash conversation going on about how to run ads, Sprint, and also notches, notches, notches. We could use a little scotch.
Unless you’re on Verizon, Moto Z3 Play is only Moto Mods phone in 2018
The Moto Z3 was revealed yesterday to be the last ‘Z’ phone… of this year. Questions about its sustainability have come up.
Moto Z3 launches with Verizon with a modular path to 5G
Motorola is running with a big risk. The facade has gotten a decent upgrade. The inside has not. All for a major leap of faith in 5G.
It doesn’t get any clearer than the latest Moto Z3 Play renders
That official Moto Z3 Play announcement has to be right around the corner now that the modular phone is rendered in perfect clarity and great detail.
Two newly leaked Moto Z3 Play images put a spotlight on chunky 5G Moto Mod
Probably the most exciting thing about the fast-approaching Moto Z3 Play smartphone is an optional 5G Moto Mod we can see in a duo of freshly leaked pictures.
Various Moto Z3 Play specs, software tricks and Moto Mods bundles ‘confirmed’ in new report
An internal Lenovo document, verified as legit by a reputable website, further details and confirms the key specifications and features of the upcoming Moto Z3 Play.
Moto Z3 Play CAD renders show thin-bezeled device from all angles
The Moto Z3 Play looks radically different from its predecessor, with substantially thinner screen bezels, no front-mounted fingerprint scanner, dual rear cameras, and no headphone jack.
FCC confirms Moto Z3 Play dimensions and a number of key specs
Even though it’s apparently extremely similar in footprint to the 5.5-inch Z2 Play, the upcoming Moto Z3 Play should sport a significantly larger 6-inch screen or so with razor-thin bezels.
Moto Z3 Play cases ready to be bought
It’s a sign that Motorola has set dimensional grounds for the launch of the Moto Z3. That or the factories have gone mad.
Moto G6 and Moto E5 series supposedly closing in on release in Asia
Agencies in Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand have reportedly certified several of the devices in both series of Motorola-branded mid-rangers.
Android P rhymes with HP Elite x3 | #PNWeekly 295
The FBI recruited Best Buy employees as an arm of the law, but did it breach citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights? That plus Android P and HTC phone feedback on our show!
Lenovo rumored to have cut Motorola Chicago staff again
Anywhere from one-third to one-half of the remaining staff in Chicago are getting the slip. One Moto Mod developer is holding back on devastating news for the Moto Z series.
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On this week’s show: a smartphone-laptop hybrid from Razer could come to market as a show of the company’s newfound dedication to mobile. Plus, is LG going to be releasing a phone this year?
Moto Z3 leaks along with four others in Moto X5, Moto G6 series
That’s six devices displayed with some presentational panache with a seventh device in speculation on the Z3 lineup. More to come over the year, for sure, but a great first look right here.