Verizon pushes Moto Z Play Droid up to Android Oreo

The first entry-level Moto Z device on Verizon is finally getting its second and final Android OS update. It also includes a weird SIM feature.

Bevy of Daily Steals for Moto Z2 Force and other Moto Z devices refurbished

Five big Moto phones, all of them refurbished (read: not perfect), but affordable and functional. And they can even be more functional if you buy a Moto Mod with the money you save.

Last year’s Moto Z Play now down to $250 at B&H Photo

The unlocked variant is now as affordable as ever and conserves just as much power while it’s being used today. Took a while to get out of Verizon, though.

25 percent off Moto Mods at Best Buy for a limited time

Best Buy has 13 of them with discounts between $10 and $75. If you’ve got a Moto Z phone that needs spicing up, this may be the time to do it.

Motorola has its hit list for Android Oreo updates

12 phones are on the list and has the newest of the new phones and some of last year’s hits, too. Theoretically, this should be a quick job.

Already discounted Moto Z Play comes bundled with $85 worth of gifts at $350 now

The original, 2016-released Moto Z Play is not only substantially discounted at B&H, also including a nice e-gift card and photo/video kit.

B&H, Motorola and Best Buy have original Moto Z Play deals

The Moto Z Play stands up extremely well to the Moto Z2 Play on paper terms, but the pricing and deals as of recent have been pretty good.

Best Buy further sweetens Moto Z2 Play deal with $50 discount, new Moto Mods get US launch dates

In addition to the JBL SoundBoost 2 Moto Mod gift offered by Motorola, Best Buy lets you save $50 off the list price of the Verizon-locked Moto Z2 Play.

New Verizon subscribers can get a free Moto Z Play from Best Buy, $20 a month Z Force

With the Z2 Play right around the corner stateside, Best Buy is running the ultimate promotion for interested buyers of the first-gen Moto Z Play.

Thinner Moto Z2 Play goes official alongside several new Moto Mods

Priced at $500 unlocked, and exclusive to Verizon when it comes to US carriers, the 5.99mm-slim Moto Z2 Play comes with a bunch of new Moto Mods.

Lenovo confirms Moto Z2 Play battery size, Tenaa substantiates everything else

Just as previously rumored, it looks like Lenovo’s Moto Z2 Play will be thinner and lighter than its predecessor, also packing a smaller battery.

This is Lenovo’s entire ‘unlimited’ 2017 Motorola smartphone roster, Moto X4 and gS included

For the remainder of the year, Lenovo still has a bunch of Motorola smartphone launches planned, apparently, including a Moto Z2 Force, X4, gS and gS+.

Moto Z2 Play to cut down on endurance in the mix of upgrades

A 515mAh reduction in battery capacity from the Moto Z Play apparently means 20 fewer hours of maximum usage time. That gives us pause.

Android 7.0 Nougat also begins rolling out to unlocked Moto Z Play

At least in theory, the entire Moto Z modular smartphone family is now updated to Android Nougat, as the unlocked Z Play officially joins the fun.

Verizon officially delivers Android 7.0 Nougat to Moto Z Play Droid Edition

The Verizon-locked Moto Z Play Droid Edition finally follows its “regular” and Force cousins to the silky smooth Android Nougat software party.

Sweetheart deals let you bundle select Moto Mods with the Z or Z Force at no extra cost

You’re free to choose your Moto Z or Z Force gift between the two priciest Moto Mods for a limited time on Motorola’s US website.

Android Nougat rollout for 2015 Moto X trio is inexplicably pushed back several months

Not only is the Moto Z Play again slated for a Nougat update in March, but the previous-generation Moto X Style, Force and Play have to wait until May now.

Android 7.0 Nougat rollout for Moto Z Play may have started early in Europe

The relatively affordable modular Moto Z Play is still waiting for OTA Nougat goodies stateside, with the update however already underway in Europe.

Unlocked Moto Z finally getting Nougat next month, Moto Z Play in March

Motorola still won’t commit to a precise Android Nougat release timeline for the US unlocked Moto Z, but it’s not going to be long now.

Moto Z Play discounted along with Moto G4 Plus

Both phones got minor discounts, but every dollar is appreciated and you can easily jump into these phones from the one you’re sick of.

Moto Z Play is half-off at Best Buy with Moto Z purchase

You’ll end up paying $925 for two phones. And while they’re pretty decent phones in their own rights, it’s the holidays and we should expect bargains!

Moto Mod lineup grows with Incipio car dock, many more Moto Z add-ons coming next year

Lenovo’s newest Moto Z snap-on accessory is a fairly humdrum Incipio car dock Moto Mod, but many exciting modules are due out in 2017.

Republic Wireless is now its own separate company, will offer big discounts on phones and plans soon

WiFi-first MVNO Republic Wireless is taking its business to the next level, also letting customers save big bucks on phones and service this month.

Motorola takes $250 off its priciest Moto Mods bundled with Z phones for Black Friday

In the market for a Moto Z, Z Force or Z Play phone this holiday season, perhaps bundled with an affordable Moto Mod? Check Motorola’s US e-store now.

All-new Mophie Juice Pack Moto Mod will snap on to your Moto Z for extra 3,000 mAh batery

Not happy with Moto Z’s battery capacity or the extra power of an Incipio Moto Mod? The 3,000 mAh Mophie Juice Pack add-on should do the trick.